DERO STARGATE — Out of this world

What is DERO Stargate?

Stargate is the release name for DERO’s smart contract platform DVM, currently active on testnet and getting ready for it’s mainnet release . Stargate is a platform that works on Layer 1 cryptonote privacy for it’s smart contracts. What does that mean? It means, even if you can see the content of the smart contract (Layer 2) you still cannot reveal the identity of those interacting with the contract. To my knowledge, this is the first known working example of smart contracts with layer 1 privacy.

What language is used for smart contracts?

DBASIC is the language used for DERO smart contracts . DBASIC was chosen as it simplifies the learning curve for creating smart contracts and helps create more secure contracts through ease of auditing.

How can I use Stargate Now?

You can access the testnet for stargate in the DERO discord, #stargate. If you want to dive right in, here is the git to a sample contract.

DERO Discord

Stargate GitHub

When will DERO Stargate be mainnet?

Stargate will be mainnet with DERO’s next major release, it will be sooner that you think so, stay tuned.

Written by @Kryptoid