Dero Technology: External Developer's Review

Dero Technology: External Developer’s Review

Call out to developers of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to review the Dero Atlantis source code and cryptography.

Start Date: 20 July 2018
Start Time: 05:00 UTC
Duration: Ongoing
Instructions: On entry, please notify the moderators/DCAB members that you would like access to the Source Code AMA. You may be required to provide verification that you are a core developer of a cryptocurrency/blockchain project. No personal data is needed. You are encouraged to request for entry at your earliest convenience before or on 20 July 2018.

We are excited to announce that Dero is ready for its external audit and review of its technology, and we are inviting core developers of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to be a part of the process! If you are a cryptography expert, academic researchers not involved to any cryptocurrency or blockchain project, you are also welcome to request for access but you will be required to prove your identity, background and/or prior work.

Dero is an exciting new project that combines the powerful privacy features of the CryptoNote protocol with the fast transactional speeds from the Directed Acyclic Graph protocol. Rewritten from the ground up in Golang, Dero is also the first blockchain to have complete SSL in the P2P layer.

Among its other features at the time of writing:

  • the zero-knowledge proof protocol Bulletproofs Ring Signature; and
  • 75 transactions per second on native blockchain.

There are many more features to be added in the future, but the scope of this session will solely be for the purposes of reviewing the unique implementation of the network and cryptography. We fully welcome your questions and candor during the session and hope that it would be a productive event for everyone.

The session will take place in a private channel in our Discord chatroom, and the session will be archived and made available to the public domain for the cryptocurrency/blockchain community. Do not re-distribute the version of source code received. A publicly available version of the source code will be released at a later date.

From members of the Dero Community Advisory Board (DCAB)

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Goodjob,finally we can make the FUDer shutup about the code problem.