Dero Testnet Baccarat


The first version of Dero Baccarat is now running on testnet. To explain the concept a bit, basically it’s a single player baccarat game. There are two smart contracts. First is for the game token called Chips. Second is the baccarat game. Chips are deposited into baccarat game and users swap their testnet Dero for Chips at a fixed rate. Then users can place bets with Chips, once a user is done playing they can swap their chips back for testnet Dero.

Check out the game contract here

A simple Ui has been made to help play the game. Check it out here

In its current state it is lacking a visual display. Players would either have to check on the explorer or in their terminal after a hand is played to view each card value.

Looking forward to hearing some feedback on how it works for others. I don’t have much experienced making a Ui, so I’m sure there is still much to be improved on there.

Updated Ui now is on github. Added card display so players can now see the outcome directly in the app.

Updated repo with new Ui.