DERO's Vs. Stocksexchange


Hi there.
Since weeks dero withdrawals work pretty smooth from stocksexchange to any destination.
However, it can’0t be said the same for dero deposits TO stocksexchange. In the last 2 weeks it takes more or less the time to have 200 confrirmations to see coins deposited on your wallet there, and this morning a deposit has been listed in deposit history after half an hour but, at now, with over 600 confirmations it hasn’t been credited.
Now, it’s obvious that you can have the fastest blockchain process but if coins do not reach the wanted destination with the same speed, your efforts are useless…
Idk what’s happening there: no specific warnings (out of a 2 months old warn about deposits delays) and no answers from support.


News: coins finally (after idk how many confs - about 650- popped out.
Since market conditions were (obviously) changed meanwhile, I tried to withdraw those coins to other destination and what? WITHDRAWAL ERROR.
Luckly, before trading thousands of coins I’m used to check transfers with several coins (in this case 107), but I hope that DERO’s devs will understand which kind of absurd situation people are forced to face to trade their coins, reminding @ all that it’s the market the one which says if a coin as a future or not, nobody else, stackers included.

Ps: if nothing changes that “withdrawal ewrror” in stocksexchange environment it means you’ll see your coins within 24 hours, more or lee.
I hope that this thread will help devs in understanding that there is something else to check out of blockchain


Update: this time stocksexchange took actiuon pretty fast. Withdrawal has been re-processed by admins and coins arrived to destination pretty fast.
I hope that this kind of troubles won’t affect anymore this coin, cause it’s a good trading one :wink:


Hello Aleppe, acknowledge the problem and they solving/solved it.


Try using tradeogre instead of


Hi there. The only way to work with DERO arbitrage, at the moment, is working between Stocksexchange and Tradeogre, so yes, basically one could buy DERO on Tradeogre and send them to Stocksexchange when market winds flows from there. Sadly, this is not acceptable in terms of massive arbitrage, when you have to buy/sell at best market conditions.
By the way: yesterday evening happened again: bought some DEROs in stocksexchange to check and same problem: again withdrawal error. I wrote to support and they replied saying that devs will check it and will solve the issue. Coins, atm, are still stuck in the same condition.


Give them sometime, wait for 24-48 hrs. It happens with stocks but they fix it.