Discord ban help

Hi there, I had posted abt this before but got no replies, would someone please get a Dero Discord admin to allow me badk in the server please? I was banned for no reason at all, Id kindly appreciate if I could be part of the server again. Thank you. User Metanoia#1634

There is always some reason for ban.
Only MOD who has banned you can unban you.
Wait for some days.

I honestly cannot think of why the ban, I love DERO, have no ill will, no ill intentions, just wanna learn more and be up to date with whats going on with the community on Discord. It would be nice to at least learn why the ban? If I cant be part of it, that really sucks. Its been a few days already, dont the MODs there read it here? Thanks for your response though bud.

Hey bud, would you be kind enough to get a MOD on the Discord channel to unban me please? This is getting ridiculous now, there is no one i can reach out to.

Hi I’m a newbie miner, got some questions. First, I can’t get onto the discord ‘DeroProject’ server. I keep getting a 10 minute time limit then the server disappears, plus I can’t DM any of the moderators. If someone could contact the moderators I really appreciate it.

I feel for you man… I feel like my voice reaches death ears… its like shouting in the desert with no hopes. Whoever did that is a cancer to the community to eliminate potential investors like that.

I just want some answers to mining as I’m a newbie. Hopefully someone higher up will pick up on the thread.

Hey There!

When you are in discord, you either have notif off (captcha tryna be sent to you that you are not receiving), and/or you are not accepting the rules on the captcha…

Unfortunately thats not the case bud, my notif is on since I get it in all other services I try. When I click on “join DeroProject”, I get a message saying “Unable to accept invite” Im stuck.