Do I need to wait blockchain finish syncing before mining?
I am following this guide, it says

Once you have the daemon running you can start the miner.

After daemon running, I still need to wait a long time before sync to latest block.
If I starting mining just after daemon running, blockchain not finishing sync, can I earn reward normally?

No, the chain needs to be fully synced in order to mine to it. Otherwise your work being done by the miner is not valid as it isn’t against the current chain.

Couple options:

  1. Close derod, delete mainnet folder and re-launch derod with --fastsync in order to initiate the bootstrap of chain. This will get you to current height within ~30min or so.
  2. Allow derod to sync fully, and in the meantime mine remotely to a public node that is already in sync. Note that any IBs found during this period will go to the integrator of said node, but is merely a stopgap in the time until your local node is synced to mine to it. Some public nodes can be found here: List of DERO Stargate mining nodes
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