dReam Tables Private Games

Hello, I’d like to introduce another card I have up my sleeve.

dReam Tables. The concept behind it is to remove the third party from digital games, plus Dero privacy. Poker is the first game chosen to highlight this concept, five card draw is the first poker variation out. The smart contract acts as a private poker table. It deals out the cards and handles takes the bets. Card values on chain are obfuscated yet verifiable. Owner of the table sets the limits and invites players to the table.

Some of the more interesting features are auto generated contracts allowing users to create new table contracts directly from the app. Sit & go style play, players can leave and join allowing for public style games and even tournaments down the road could be facilitated. To help demonstrate this, there is a basic public listing contract currently set up where players can list their tables publicly directly from the app. New players can see any listed tables in the app.

To help incentivise owners to run the table, owners get 1.5% of every pot. To further expand on this, a voting or review system would be a good implementation if public play starts to gain a user base. Players could up or down vote public tables they play at so new users could have some sense of trust playing publicly and incentivise owners to run a good table. Plan is to have a line up of different dReam Tables available. Texas hold’em variation is currently in progress. If you’d like to learn more about the project check out the website.



Here is a tutorial video for the five card draw poker tables. It goes over how to set up and play the game, current table features, owner controls and how to set up your own table.