DVM Size Limitation Improvement Proposa

I wanted to follow up regarding the proposal I submitted concerning Secure Inter-SC Calling and quickly propose an additional improvement to the DVM. Your feedback is not only invaluable but also essential for us to proceed with the next stages of development. If you’ve already had a chance to review it, please let me know your thoughts. If not, I’d appreciate it if you could allocate some time to evaluate the proposal at your earliest convenience.


DVM Size Limitation Improvement Proposal

The current 10kb limit on the DVM has been a point of contention for some developers, limiting the complexity and functionality of smart contracts.

Problem Statement:
The 10kb size constraint can hinder the innovation and capabilities of smart contracts. For developers, having an optimal space to work with is crucial for creating more complex and functional decentralized applications.

Proposed Solution:
While the ideal scenario would be to have an unlimited size, we understand the potential scalability and security issues this might bring. As a compromise, we propose increasing the limit to 100kb (10x the current limit).

  1. This will provide developers with a more flexible environment to work within, while still being within a manageable size.

  2. By allowing contracts to read other contracts and thereby execute their code, even the current 10KB limitation could be made to function efficiently. However, there’s no fundamental reason to keep such a restrictive limit.

Increasing the size limit would foster innovation and allow developers to harness the full potential of DVM. This change can make the platform more competitive and attract a broader range of development projects.

Lifting the DVM size constraints, even by a factor of ten, will pave the way for more intricate and sophisticated decentralized applications. This move can help us stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.