Engram wallet wont ope

hallo there been having trouble with my engram wallet opening,never had this problem since i launched it last year,is there any updates need to be done or what could be causing the probs.any help will be appreciated thanks

Yes same issue at login. Enter the user/password, click enter and nothing happens. Using windows. How uninstall on windows? Then need to reinstall and click on account recovery? Thank you.

Thanks yeah probably I need to uninstall and install it again,and yes Am using windows.This wallet has been the best and easy to use in my opinion and I hope it remains that way :+1:

I am also unable to access tokens on Engram GUI wallet, but for my Mac. I have uninstalled and reinstalled app with recovery words several times. No change. I have disabled VPN. No change. I find it odd that when I reinstalled Engram app and entered recovery words, I was not given an option to set up new username and password. Altho my password is definitely correct, what happens to people who need to reset password?

Am sorry my friend engram wallet I was told Dero tech Engram wallet won’t open as it doesn’t work for Dero any more you need to get a centralised wallet like meta ask ot Truth wallet to transfer you cons.problem I have I can’t transfer my coins as I can’t open the engram wallet to get the address so I can transfer.I sent them the message what I need to do but haven’t heard from them yet.unfortunately Engram wallet was stopped

Am you need more decentralised wallet like meta mask or Trust wallet not truth wallet sorry about spelling earlier

META MASk and TRUST WALLETS were recommended to me by Dero Tech Team as they are more DECENTRALISED and they can hold different coins.But as I said if we can’t get into Engram in order to transfer our assets then what happens? Am still waiting to hear from them👍Don’t waste your time trying Engram wallet won’t work was stopped which is sad as was easy to use

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Use CLI wallet with --remote option if Engram isn’t working.

MetaMask & Trust wallets aren’t supported and those who say this are promoting a scam.

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As reminder, nobody will ever DM anyone, every assistance is done in public only, there is no MetaMask/TrustWallet or online web wallet. No centralised registration, nothing.

There is no “dero tech team” also.

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If still around, try latest release - Release Engram Beta Release · DEROFDN/Engram · GitHub