Exchange (s), Market Depth & Liquidity Provision


I read somewhere (may have been here) another exchange was due to list Dero has anyone any news?

Also has anyone given any thought to the size of the order book (or rather lack of) on Stocks? Wouldn’t take much to buy it out completely. I’m no Lloyd Blankfein but it seems to me the market needs to be deeper with higher volumes. Are the exchanges that have margin trading/liquidity provision prohibitively expensive to list on? Are you in a position to take advantage of increased exposure or is more time needed?

My personal belief (for whatever that’s worth) is Dero is on a very short list of crypto worth paying attention to, so if there is anything I can do to help get the market healthy enough looking for significant investment let me know.


Hello sdacosta,

There is another exchange coming (SouthXchange) though the wait time has been longer than we were hoping for.

A little more time is still needed before we start seeking exposure but I can personally assure you that time is right around the corner.

Thank you on behalf of the Dero team for your offer of assistance.



what happened to listing? DERO is no longer listed as a currency supported by is it a fluke or did something happen between the exchange and dero?


Nearly all coins have been temporarily disabled in their search system.

It also still shows on search engines like google.


As far as exposure goes everyone is welcome and giving their efforts/time wherever they can. If you have some specific ideas you are free to share.
DERO will soon shift to its own blockchain and then we would have something more credible to speak of DERO.