Fastsync error unable to complete bootstrap process

Good morning,

I’ve been trying to fastsync the node to set my CLI wallet on a new Ubuntu system but every time I get error and can’t complet it.
Here is the last one:

This one-
02/10 11:29:20 ERROR P2P.outgoing. Call failed TreeSection {“error”: “reading body Could not read data size read 868352, frame length 918613 err io: read/write on closed pipe”}

or this one-
02/10 11:32:26 INFO P2P.outgoing. Bootstrap Initiated
02/10 11:32:26 ERROR P2P.outgoing. Call failed ChangeSet {“error”: “unexpected EOF”}

I did try something like 12 times and every time I get one or the other…

Can you help please?
I don’t want to run the node for a week…