Fed Up Trying to Register Wallet in Tech-Complex Ways

I’ve tried so many times and so many days to register and, like issues by others on the support site, I also keep getting the same result after waiting 4 hrs or 3 hrs (instead of few seconds or couple of minutes): “Registration TXID 000000f3b9aa84610298702422bcc81833ae02a1d71a3f355e6095e74f5d5d0b
sending registration tx err offline or not connected. cannot send transaction.”
So frustrating. So annoying. Why is DERO wallet so terribly complicated and impossible to make it work?? Trying other solutions offered in responses from other similar problem do not help either. Here’s a screenshot:

On https://wallet.dero.io/ it says “Wallet is now online”. Blockchain Height : 0/735103
Why can’t I just register my wallet on the site? There’s a “REGISTER” button on top of Send/Receive/TX History, yet when I click it, and also click “Register Now.”, nothing happens!
I’ve been on this for several days. I’ve given up trying w/o any result! Please give me something that works. BTW, I’m also NOT tech savvy.

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I would suggest you try out the GUI wallet,

If you need support on the GUI wallet, DERO Discord is a great place to talk to folks.