Forum is very silent


The forum is very silent , Just wanted to make some noise. :smiley: hope you dont mind. Just fun

Hi there
I see a decent amount of talk on slack. Have a great day!:grinning:

:smiley: I only see good amount there, But in the forum( its very silent, let the noise be every where… :smiley: :smiley: you too have a good day.

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I agree this place should have some chattin going on! Maybe some weekly topics or something like that would help? Either way, once the outreach/marketing starts it will pick up :+1:

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yep exactly, patience is the key to success.
Peace my friend :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!
I am Ethan and I am a first time poster on this forum!
I am from England but I stay in India!
Nice to be here!

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Hey Ethen nice to meet you… Welcome to dero