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Q. My wallet balance shows as 0 in webwallet, but I have been sending transactions. How do I show my balance?
A. Go to Settings --> Set ‘Change Wallet start Topoheight’ to 0 --> Trigger a rescan from ‘Rescan Blockchain from start topoheight’

Q: What is a block DAG?
A: Link to youtube video on block DAG

Q: Can I sent DERO from one exchange wallet to another exchange?
A: It is always a best practice to keep your funds in your own DERO wallet. While it is possible to send your funds from one exchange to another, please first reach out to each exchange and follow their protocol when doing so.

Q: How do I Restore a DERO Wallet?
A: Option 3 when opening the CLI wallet or select “Restore from Seed” in GUI/browser based wallet.

Q: Where can I see the total circulating supply of DERO?
A: , or you can use the “status” command in the daemon.

Q: Is there a snapshot of the blockchain to download?

Q: I transferred DERO to/from exchange wallet but it hasn’t shown up yet. What do I do?
A: Please reach out to the exchange and open a support ticket as they should be able to assist with these issues.

Q: I lost or forgot my seed can you recover my account?
A: No. We cannot provide account recovery - it is the responsibility of the user to properly manage their seeds. If they are lost, it is not possible to access your account. Again, this is why it is a good idea to back up this data in a safe place!


  1. Have Fun. Be respectful to team members, moderators, community members and their hard work. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but any kind of FUD or groundless speculation about our project will not be permitted and most likely result in exile or ban if continued after being addressed by a moderator.
  2. Never disclose identifiable information about yourself, including but not limited to - account balances/holdings, location, email, phone number, real name etc.
  3. Ideas for community development, roadmap ideas, etc. should be handled in #proposals
  4. Conversations about price and TA should be handled through #DERO-Economics:Trading
  5. Any discussions related to other coins or outside servers should be directed to #Other:Alternative-Currencies .
  6. Any other fun discussions can be handled via #random or #Other:Memes for your daily dose of randomness and memeness.

This list may not cover every possibility for destructive behaviour. Please keep in mind that if a moderator or team member asks you to stop something that they have the final say in what would constitute harmful behaviour.