General update re: fork issue

Update 2: At this time we strongly encourage everyone to mine exclusively on the official pool ( . We completely support proper decentralization and when the forking issue is fixed we have all known pool operators added to our direct message list so that they may bring their respective pools online.

If you’re a private pool operator and would like to be added to the direct message list, please private message me and you will be informed without delay when information becomes available. We do not require details regarding your pool or any identifying factors.

I will be updating all of our official channels of communication at the same time the messages go out.


Update for the community: The team is closing in on the root cause of the issue and we will expediently update the community when we have more information. At this time it’s looking like the pools are still forking. While this is not the news I would like to give everyone, it’s an honest answer to what’s happening. We do value every single person here and we would not want to be disingenuous.

Seems like the website for is over loaded sometimes?
It’s almost just a blank page with title only.

We will go over the load on the front/back ends of the site. If we find that the load is getting higher than anticipated it’s no problem to scale up the pool resources as much as is needed.

Also please decrease Minimum Payment Threshold from 2 DERO to at least 0.5 DERO. With the raise in Network hashrate and difficulty, small miners with 250-500H/s need to wait a week to get their first payment! I think lowering payments in official pool will get more small miners there. More the number of miners, better the network!

In next update when fees will be modified, minimum dero withdrawal limit would too be changed.

With the min TX fees around 0.015 are you sure you want to withdraw 0.5 per TX?

seems like the devs will lower the fee in the future