Hardforks issue / problems

Hello, I was mining on https://dero.cryptopool.space , but it stopped, probably because of the current problems with the network. There is no reply from the pool support. So, what to do ? To wait or to switch to another pool ?

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Hi Mik,

1rvin is very active in the community, I think it’s quite late where they are though. Don’t worry, I’m positive 1rvin will get back to you.

Regarding the fork issue, at this time I would hold tight for a few hours until we can provide an update with the proper information to the community.


Serena, thanks a lot for your reply ! Will be waiting for the news from you.

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It looks like the network is forking again. The Dero CryptoPool.Space shows network height = 41501 with valid block 2018-03-03 07:09:35 , hashrate = 4.08 MH/s ; the official pool pool.dero.live shows network height 41495 with invalid block, hashrate = 5.99 MH/s

UPD: the official pool just found the block 41496, which is marked as invalid in Network, but is marked as valid in the list of pool blocks.

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Sync problem again ? There is a block with abnormal difficulty 2903% on the official pool, and there is difference in the current network info between http://pool.dero.live/ and https://dero.cryptopool.space/

That block with 2903% may be very bad luck.
As far forking issue goes we have dig for the issues and there are several reasons.
we have seen several times when peers don’t exchange and update block data or sometimes they are too slow to update when NiceHash mines blocks in very less time. As our NW hash is low . so chances of this problem occurring regularly increases and we have tried our best efforts to fix in new code. We are not modifying existing C daemon to fix this issues. In another week’s time we will shift to our chain and hopefully no splits then.

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