Help swapping using CLI: "Error while building Transaction err Insufficent unlocked balance"

Hi all. I’m pretty new to DERO and trying to figure out this CLI for the swap.
Was able to get Atlantis CLI to sync. I was able to send a test transaction. Now I’m trying to send another transaction. I’m getting this error.

“WARN[0957] Error while building Transaction err Insufficent unlocked balance”

I tried the “rescan balance” option. It doesn’t seem to do anything. I have plenty of balance. I don’t know what “unlocked balance” means? I’ve only sent out a small transaction from this wallet.

Anyone know what’s going on and what a I need do to send the transaction for the swap?

Be sure to use release 14 or the latest version for CLI:

Use option 12 to send full balance and auto calculate the fees. Otherwise be sure that you have enough minus tx fees. But he sure to use rel 14 first, then give it a go again. Just need to replace the binary

Thanks. I was able to send another transaction, using the updated wallet.