How can we check the total supply of dero?

I understand that check the balance of a certain account without view key is impossible,

but is it possible to check the total amount of dero already mined?

Or maybe just calculate use below formula:

Total Supply=2000000(Genesis block reward )+29.3*38171(current block height)

But the reward may change as time goes,so,any other way for checking the total supply?

In updated Golang derod daemon status cmd can be used to view Total Circulating Supply till current block height.

Thanks a lot for the reply.
Will the cpp version of dero continue dev or your will just forcus on the golang versions from now on?
I mean, should the users switch to golang versions client someday in the future?

Focus is on new Golang development.
Yes All will shift to Golang daemon in future.

Will the new daemon be compatible with existing pool software?

Yes, new daemon will be compatible with existing pool software . Pool operators will have to do nothing or minimum if anything required.

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