How come my node isn't syncing?

My node doesn’t seem to be syncing.
The 136708 number doesn’t seem to be updating. I think those two numbers need to be the same in order for them to be synced but the left one is not updating. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks!

Exit and restart daemon. Check your internet/firewall/router to allow UDP packets.

Alright, I did that and the left number is updating. However, I’ve been calculating the rate at which both numbers are increasing and the left number is lagging behind the right number. Will that change if I keep running it or is there something I can do to increase the rate?


It will be sync depending on your CPU/NW speed etc.
Give another few hrs. Keep it running.

I am trying to get the daemon to sync on the Atlantis web wallet. It gets to about 5 million to 6 million and change and then it boots out of the window. Shows the blockchain height at 8419195. I originally downloaded dero windows version. Had trouble accessing it after I deposited. Decided to recover with seed on Atlantis web wallet. Appreciate any help and suggestions.

Use --remote in Atlantis cmdline wallet then you may not need to sync entire Atlantis chain.
Also Atlantis chain will stop at the end of this month. If you need to swap pls do as early as possible.
documentation/DEROSWAP.txt at master · deroproject/documentation · GitHub

I believe I deleted the older downloaded wallet. I had trouble accessing a couple months ago and deleted some programs and downloads. When I downloaded the windows cli program yesterday, it gave an error code and said my seed phrase was not valid (sorry,don’t remember the exact phrasing). I went on Atlantis web wallet to make sure I could still restore wallet and that my seed phrase was correct. It was so I’m assuming that the downloads available are only for stargate wallet. If that is the case how can I download an Atlantis wallet or what can I do to get the daemons to sync? Thanks again for all help

New Stargate Network Repo.
Old Atlantis Network Repo