How do i put my miners to more efficient use?

Also posted on reddit and telegram without much success.
I have a couple of pcs that idle mostly so i put xmrig on all of them, but i don’t want to join a pool, is there a way to share the load between them ?

I think it’s inefficient to have them all mine individually, together the chances of mining a block are higher than each on its own.

What are my options ?

Ps:I don’t want to join pools, most ppl seem to tell me this is the best way. Does the protocol aromatically assign every miner to a shared pool with all other miners who have identical payout addresses ? (Obviously all my miners mine to the same address, my wallet)

Maybe it can be helpful:

Thank you but this is not helpful. What I want is the equivalent of party mining.
Sharing the work between my workers without joining a pool.
Doable ?

You could always run your own pool. If you’re pointing all miners to the same daemon, I don’t really see much difference as well, unless you’re looking for a single place of stats where Slixe’s response comes into play as well.

Each miner individually solo mining to the same daemon “pools together” to become a larger single miner, if you want to think of it that way? You’re receiving new jobs at the same rate as each miner sees the blocks appear as that daemon does, at the same time.

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this does answer my question. (i’m not that new to crypto but new to mining and pools, but this picked my interest)
So, long story short, i should run a full dero node and let it sync and point all miners to my node something like so :
./xmrig -o <my_full_node_address>:20206 [...]
and that should do pretty much what i want it to do ?

Yeah that should do it. If you don’t already have a full node, it can take some time to sync from 0. There’s a bootstrap available to give you a head start:

Yes I already have that, snapshot is at height 5.5 million something. It’s already synching since yesterday.
Thanks for helping.
Ps: i have this running on dedicated hardware in a datacenter and it felt super slow to sync. So i asked in telegram for help.
Some **** troll told me it just takes him somewhere around 4 hours to do a full sync from 0 on his ryzen pc. Man i just can’t stand these people. Then he suggested i should run a testnet node since “it skips checking and is faster”… :man_facepalming:
Mods clean up your communities because this is seriously confusing for new adopters and is damaging the project.

I read the conversation and there may have been miscommunication. It seems the context they were referencing was wallet synchronization time.

Against a full node, a wallet (current model is UTXO/CN) can take about 2-4 hours to full sync to the current topoheight.

For node/daemon syncing I would say 0 to current can take anywhere from 4+ days, where the snapshot helps greatly. I will admit my 4+ days may be a little dated, but should be somewhere in that range.

We are looking forward to testnet as derohe is planned for implementation right around the corner. So lots of features and things we are looking forward to and testing should very well assist in making the experience better.