How many different dero wallets are there?

  1. Please explain what GUI, CLI & CMD wallet initials stand for?

  2. Are these 3 different wallets, as well as the web wallet? If so, what is the difference between these 3 and what is the point of having each?

  3. I have created a CLI wallet. When I am trying to recover wallet with seed phrase, it asks me for the wallet name. What am I supposed to enter here if I cannot remember what name I gave when creating CLI wallet? I thought the seed phrase was all that was necessary to recover a wallet?

  4. My CLI wallet seed phrase given when creating the wallet, has 2 words exactly the same in the list of 25. Is this still a valid seed phrase to send funds to, or or all 25 words supposed to be unique?

  1. CMD wallet is the GUI wallet. CMD = Commander and GUI = Graphical User Interface (Releases - Commander - DeroProject: Most private and secure blockchain); CLI wallet is the command line interface wallet ( CLI essentially is the core wallet developed alongside derosuite, and CMD was developed in-house by the foundation team (Dank) for ease-of-use when it comes to getting up and running. The web wallet you referenced is its’ own entity as well ( This wallet is ran in the browser, but utilizes WASM (web assembly module) which works the best in Firefox (though other browsers work depending on your hardware).

  2. See #1. Additionally, utilizing any of those wallets is a personal preference. CLI may require some additional detail in regards to getting folks up and running as they may not be as familiar with command line interface arguments etc., so then you have CMD (Commander/GUI wallet) which will provide some additional feature sets to provide an easier use case for folks who may not run their own derod node etc. and then web wallet which is to get folks the most ease-of-use up and running without software etc.

  3. The wallet name is quite simply just the wallet file name that it will save locally on your machine. This has no connection to a given wallet or anything of the sort, you can name it mysupergreatderowallet.db etc. The seed phrase is all you need to recover the wallet.

  4. The two words should be some word in the first 24 words and then the 25th word being the same. The 25th word is utilized as a checksum for the seed as a whole.

Thanks for explaining. It would be useful if all these wallet types were explained on the DERO site. It only mentions the web wallet and another mystery wallet type available to download for different operating systems, but doesn’t mention what these other wallets are called, or why they are necessary, or mention either CLI or GUI or CMD, which are mentioned only in this forum, as well as at email support, giving the impression that there are 4 different wallets, when you have now explained there are in fact only 3… All very unnecessarily confusing requiring wasting both your time and mine, submitting a ticket in this forum in order to find out what could have easily been explained on the DERO site.

I have downloaded the GUI wallet today, and will be trying to set it up, as I don’t like the CLI wallet much, and don’t have enough experience & confidence in using CLI, so as to risk losing my funds in it by not being able to understand all the technicalities or problems that might arise, like funds going missing again in an even more difficult to understand wallet.

  1. Is the GUI wallet, as secure as the CLI wallet?

  2. Are the GUI and CLI wallets less prone to have funds go missing, requiring a blockchain scan to hope to find them again, and if so which of the two is less prone to missing fund syndrome?

  3. My funds have finally shown up in the web wallet, after scanning for 2 days, not knowing if anything was happening until they finally showed up. Can I create a GUI version of my existing CLI wallet, or does the GUI wallet require its own seed phrase, or can I recover the CLI wallet’s seed phrase into a new but connected GUI wallet version of the CLI wallet?

  4. My CLI wallet, has the same seed word in positions 24 & 25… Is this how it should be?

  5. When I click on “Transaction history” in the web wallet, nothing shows up. Why is this?

Thanks for your help. Are you part of DERO wallet support?

The DERO site has all of the options listed directly at the top. The 4 links are: DOCS ( - a great resource to review; Downloads (which links to the github repository in which the binaries are downloaded [explorer, derod, cli wallet, dero miner]); GUI Wallet (which links to the Commander wallet previously described above); Web Wallet (which links to which is the web wallet explained above). Perhaps other clear delineations will be included in the website refresh alongside stargate launch.

  1. The GUI wallet utilizes the same api commands for interacting with the daemon , but in essence you are secure using this wallet, yes. It is officially supported and recommended alongside CLI and web wallets.

  2. There’s a common misconception about “funds missing”. 99% of the time this is related to either a) the wallet hasn’t fully scanned the entire chain from start to finish in search of past transactions to update your balance, b) The web wallet was restored with the 25 word seed and automatically is at the current topoheight (not scanning into the past unless kicked off as you have done already), and in turn is assumed “funds are lost”. If you send to the appropriate address linked with your seed, you are fine and just need to scan through the chain. Most of these headaches will go away in the future stargate release, however.

  3. Your seed is your seed. This seed can be utilized for the SAME address on web wallet, GUI/CMD, and CLI wallets. There’s no difference , as long as your seed is written down correctly on original creation and the addresses match etc. each time you restore, some good checks and balances.

  4. The 25th word is the seed’s checksum. It will be duplicated in some other location within the first 1-24 words.

  5. This depends. If it’s the fully synced wallet with funds displayed, then transactions should appear as funds wouldn’t come/go without a transaction. If you still don’t see any, I’d personally recommend any of the desktop wallets over the web wallet, just for ease-of-use and ensuring that the full chain has been scanned etc., also with cache being cleared etc. I wouldn’t persist a web wallet anyways :slight_smile:

I am not, just a moderator on discord and been around the block :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help.Much appreciated. I am waiting for the GUI wallet to scan to hopefully show my funds… What is meant by “LOCKED” DERO? Can it be staked? If so, where can this be done and what is the APY%… ?

Locked is in reference to locked balance, usually will become unlocked once fully settled after a little bit of time. This is due to cryptonote protocol which is utilized in current Atlantis mainnet.