ZERO DERO (missing funds)

My DERO web wallet is showing zero funds. It seems this is a conveniently common problem. I have contacted DERO email support, who just replied by sending me to this forum. I have followed the instructions here : Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

  1. Approx how long are we supposed to wait after following the above procedure to rescan the blockchain, to know whether the missing should be visible?

  2. As soon as we click the “trigger rescan” button, a message with “success” is displayed. Is this to notify that the blockchain has been rescanned, or what “success” is it announcing, since my funds are still not showing up after the “success” message?

  3. Do we have to keep the computer on and the wallet open while this scanning procedure carries out, or can we switch off PC and close wallet while the procedure rescans?

  4. Is the nickname of the wallet that we are asked to enter, important when recovering a wallet with 25 word seed phrase, or is it just the seed phrase that matters, if we cannot remember the exact nickname we entered when creating the wallet? i.e. as long as the correct wallet address is loaded, does that mean we have loaded the correct address that is tied to the seed phrase?

  5. Please reply to each question as numbered above… Thank you…

  1. The rescan feature should set the wallet heights (seen on the lefthand side) to either 0 if you defined to start at 0 or some other height if you defined another height. You must wait until the numbers either show green or equal the topoheight presented at either of these links: or

  2. “Success” is shown in regards to show you that the command to ‘initiate a rescan’ was successful, from there you just need to wait for the sync process to complete (see #1).

  3. You need to keep the machine on, yes. Everything is performed client-side, nothing is happening on a server etc. web wallet uses WASM (web assembly module) to provide a web-friendly interface to run the wallet in, however all calculations and files are hosted locally (on your machine).

  4. The nickname of the wallet has no relation to the 25 word seed phrase. It is simply the name of the wallet file that it is provisioning.

Additionally, in the web wallet if you clear cache / use a different browser you will need to restore from seed and perform a re-scan as necessary again. This is due to the details above regarding everything being client side/cache. For more of a persistent wallet, utilize desktop wallets either CLI or CMD (GUI-based wallet). I also referenced these details here: How many different dero wallets are there? - #2 by nelbert442

Also check Recovering web wallet - #18 by ThorIV

Hi again, I have tried to acccess my DERO wallet after a few months absence… I have recovered the wallet from seed phrase on [ The wallet has loaded from the seed phrase, and is showing as ONLINE, but the receiving address displayed at the top is NOT the one that I previously sent funds to. The balance is also now showing as zero with all funds that were there not showing. Dero Discord sent me to a link about having to send funds to their address to change to Stargate account, but my wallet is not showing any of my DERO funds in order to do this. How can my address be different from the same seed phrase, and my funds showing zero? Can you help please? @DEVELOPER

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You had atlantis addresses based on what you said on discord. To repeat again, the simplest check is if your addresses are all lowercase (stargate) or dERo (with some uppercase in which that is atlantis). For more information regarding the sawp components see - Discord && Discord . Swap period is over but awaiting a stated possible ANN about folks who didn’t swap, no other details at this time. For now you just have to wait.

Swap period was February to September of this year; await any ANNs related to later swaps if there are any at this point.

You can find plenty regarding the swap details and medium/twitter/forum/discord/tg posts all regarding it.

At this point, await any further ANN (second link above) from Captain if there will be any further swap capabilities.

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Hi thanks for jumping here. Discord is not working correctly for me…

I understand that there may have been a change of address format to use going forward… But …

How can both my seed phrase addresses now be different to what they used to be and my DERO funds gone? Where is my DERO gone to?

The whole point of a seed phrase is to be able to access our funds is it not?

Atlantis and Stargate are completely different networks and required a swap to which was only possible for a period of time as nodes were kept online and mining rewards were turned off on Atlantis. This lasted Feb to September of this year, no more nodes are running the atlantis chain at this point and the swap period was deemed over.

Atlantis - GitHub - deroproject/derosuite: DERO: Secure, Anonymous Blockchain with Smart Contracts. Subscribe to Dero announcements by sending mail to with subject: subscribe announcements
Stargate - GitHub - deroproject/derohe: DERO Homomorphic Encryption Blockchain Protocol

Completely different codebases. Derosuite (atlantis) being on Cryptonote as the base protocol and Derohe (stargate) being DHEBP as the base protocol with gravitondb (GitHub - deroproject/graviton: Graviton Database: ZFS for key-value stores.) as the database config.

These chains were not compatible and there was no way to simply “upgrade” to stargate, so a swap was required and facilitated.

As I said, I have only been informed of all of this today. How were we supposed to know about it or the time frame to swap? I have a considerable amount invested in DERO. My seed phrase should be all anyone requires to access it at any time, timeframe or not… I appreciate your help… but I didn’t invest in DERO to wait to see IF I can get access to it… and I still cannot understand why my seed phrase does not link to my original address

When I click on either of your 2 Discord links, I get the attached screenshot

What do you suggest to fix this please?

Regarding discord, there’s a bot that will DM you under the tag , enable DMs temporarily before re-joining the discord server then you can turn em off again (if you have them disabled):

Regarding the seed, technically speaking your seed pertains to an account on Atlantis chain to which actually still exists just simply is not running and is not supported any longer as we had 6+ months swap period from Atlantis to Stargate. I don’t necessarily need to rehash the components of that as it has been advertised throughout many mediums, apologies you did not see them.

At this point you just need to await an updated announcement from Captain regarding any future alternate swap opportunities, if there are any (not guaranteed). Other than that, there’s not much else I can provide for you unfortunately.

Discord is a dissorganised mess of a platform. One can never be sure who one is talking to. I am not very knowledgeable on how to use it to be honest. It makes no sense to me… I haven’t received any DM;s that I am aware of. Where do you even find them or enable/disable them? I have no idea due to its bad design. Neither was I informed of having to verify anything other than endless captchas every time the page jumped to the Friends page by itself…

You say my seed pertains to an account on Atlantis Chain that still exists… ok… but why did the address change to a different address if it still exists, even if it is not supported or running, why the different address? And why does my balance not show/ Where are the funds that belong to my seed phrase exactly?

I have now subscribed to the Is this where I will hear about the ANN from Captain about swaps? I cannot accept that the funds I have invested in are not guaranteed for me to access due to no fault of my own, just because DERO decided to change their formats… Please convey this to your Captain so he may steer his ship correctly for without investors, DERO has no future…

Captain sent me this link on Discord earlier DERO CN to DERO HE Swap Instructions Browser Wallet — DERO Documentation documentation

But the very 1st step mentioned there is to create a wallet on which does not connect when clicking on it, so the link was totally useless also… Was this the correct link he sent me, or why did he send me a link if I have to wait for his ANN anyway?

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seed words pertain to a completely separate entity on Stargate. remember this is an entirely different chain. What you have in Atlantis has 0 correlation to what is on Stargate, thus the reason for the swap.

I would wager we’ll see announcements either on Twitter ( or through forum/other posts. We’ll be sure it’s advertised in the appropriate areas as we can. For now, we just await further information. I do not know whether or not the component is still being utilized or not.

Sorry you feel this way, it is the way of the project and currently still under heavy development and will be changes now and into the future as DERO grows and develops. Keep in mind one thing that is VITAL to understand. You and you alone are responsible for any/all investments that you make as well as any keys that you hold to any DERO or other cryptocurrency. If you do not keep up with said investments, there is no further backing that simply what you utilize and the network you are on. It is important to keep tabs on any/all investments and take ownership of the fact that you are your own bank in these situations to which you own the keys, you own the funds on the network to which it was purchased/traded/gained. If said network no longer is here, you can call it what you want however there was ample time and notification about the network swap and capabilities to it. The same “I was gone for months, or in jail or or or” . Not trying to be rude but rather blunt, you are responsible for your own investments and the sooner that is accepted the sooner you’ll actually realize the freedom it brings (no matter how you view this situation). But if you’re not comfortable investing in a project that clearly defines alpha and heavy development and then choose not to keep up on it, I’m sorry about that. We do what we can to keep folks informed, however obviously not everyone gets the message.

More for a reference of information/details. At this point await any further announcements , as your funds are still on Atlantis chain (which currently is no longer running or supported). At this time I have no further details to provide other than that. Thanks.

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Exactly… I own the keys… to funds that I now cannot access, due to DERO changing the format and possibility of access!.. This is unheard of in crypto…The whole point of taking responsibility for ones own keys is to be able to access our funds with them at any time… otherwise how coud there possibly ever be mass adoption to make any project succeed? had my email address to which I could have been informed about the swap… I wasn’t.

As I said, I appreciate your time and assistance… Could you please keep it in mind to let me know when any announcement may be made in case I somehow do not hear about it again. If so I would appreciate it… Thanks…

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The goal will be to advertise any potential alternate events upcoming regarding swaps across all mediums where we can, yes.

Sorry you feel this way… However you do still own the keys to the DERO that lives on Atlantis, that has not changed at all. Simply the direction of supported DERO network and technology now lives on in Stargate as that is the direction the development has taken after providing ample information and time to perform said swap. No other explanation with respect to that needed for a constantly developing project.

Posts will be made surrounding any announcements of alternate swap timelines or solutions if they do become available. I’d recommend keeping tabs on your investments and the projects to which they are related, that’s the best way to ensure you’re up to date with any/all software and directions. Thanks.

It’s not that I “feel” this way… I am just informing you of the problems that have arisen, through no fault of my own… and am trying to resolve them.

I do keep tabs on all my investments… we cannot rely on just happening to maybe catch every tweet on Twitter by chance by being constantly glued to it 24/7… and DERO could have informed their investors by email of this change and required steps, but seemingly chose not to. and the necessity to switch to a new format should never expire if one has invested in buying DERO stored by private keys in a DERO wallet.

No notification or mention or explanation or guide/tutorial on the wallet either… Just left in the dark until we have to contact support to try and figure out the unexplained and nonsensical…

Please keep me informed on here when DERO have a solution ready for the issue they have created. I’m sure you will not forget about me now :slight_smile: Thanks…

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Guides, notice and information was provided in full. Sorry you didn’t see them on the various places they were advertised, even had third party notices sent out. But nonetheless, no reason to keep beating a dead horse at this point as we are here and doing nothing but moving forward.

You are in control of your assets whether you agree or not. If you expect how “others” do things, may as well go checkout those projects. DERO is and always will be different where development for a more private and secure future is first. Hopefully one day you’ll agree, but if not that’s your decision. Lots to do still.

Keep your eyes and ears open in the event an announcement comes, it will be posted about. Good luck.

I have invested in DERO for the long term… But need to have full control… not dependent on chance or permission or assistance… My eyes and ears are always more open than you assume.

As I said, if you would like to help, as DERO support, which I would appreciate, Please keep me informed on here whenever DERO have a solution ready. It should be as simple to inform as with your other replies. Thanks… I will wait to hear from you… If you like, I can compensate you for your time at the time…

Hi again,
could you please clarify the situation by confirming the following, which I am still unsure of:

Due to a DERO account holder not having accessed their previous DERO account wallet for many months, (not having need to)… when recovering their wallet with their seed phrase in Nov 2022, their account receive address pertaining to their seed phrase, is expected to be and supposed to be now a different address than before, and the users account DERO funds they previously had, pertaining to their seed phrase, are expected to be and supposed to be now showing as a zero balance. This is how the DERO project have designed their account.wallet system to be due to the recent Stargate upgrade. It is not an error or anomaly. Users who were not aware of this upgrade are expected & supposed to find a new address and their DERO funds showing as zero, by design. Is this correct? Please state YES or NO.

Please also confirm if you are a developer on the DERO project team. Thanks…

I suggest you reread my responses. Different chains, different code bases.

Also feel free to check more information:

  1. Your previous responses did not clarify the question I had to ask above.

“Different chains, different code bases” does not answer my question either.

The link you sent does not answer my question.

This is why I am asking it. Would you mind answering my simple questions please. All they require is a YES or a NO to both.

I am not being difficult here, I am simply asking reasonable questions to try to understand and secure my investment.

  1. My DERO limit order recently triggered on Tradeogre, after a long wait to reach a good price to buy more. This is why I recently tried to access my wallet in a long time so as to secure my new funds.

Could you please confirm whether I can send these new DERO to my existing seed phrase account that now has a different, new Stargate address, but that now has a zero balance… or do I need to create an entirely new address with a new seed phrase to send these tokens to, so that they will not disappear also?

  1. When a user was aware of the “announcement” that their DERO had to be swapped to the new Stargate format, would their new swapped DERO arrive in the same seed phrase account as they were in originally, that now has a new address, or would they need to be sent to an entirely new seed phrase account with yet another new Stargate address?

  2. I have invested a lot of my money in DERO, which was supposed to be secured with my Seed phrase, as all other crypto assets always are, as the foundation of how crypto and blockchain works. I plan to invest considerably more funds into DERO, but I cannot lose what I have already invested. I hope you can understand & appreciate how this sudden shock would “feel”, if it were you accessing your seed phrase of any of your investments, only to find an unexplained new address and all invested funds showing as zero.

  3. Are you familiar with Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante Channel, as well as the Crypto Vigilante, Rafael La Verde? They constantly support and promote DERO to their subscribers on their channels. I have been watching their every video for the last 3 years, since the scamdemic began. It is strange that neither of them ever mentioned in their many videos about DERO, the necessity to upgrade the seed phrase to a new format or risk all funds showing as zero. Why do you think this would be? Jeff has featured my music on his channel and I have been in contact with him and his team. Their newsletter did not mention anything about this upgrade either.

  4. Could you specify the platforms where the “announcement” I have to wait for regarding recovering my funds, will definitely be announced on please.

  5. I also get daily emails from MEDIUM for the last year, and read every single headline in the feed. Not one ever mentioned anything about DERO ever… even though I follow DERO on Medium.

I await your replies please… Thanks