ZERO DERO (missing funds)

My DERO web wallet is showing zero funds. It seems this is a conveniently common problem. I have contacted DERO email support, who just replied by sending me to this forum. I have followed the instructions here : Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

  1. Approx how long are we supposed to wait after following the above procedure to rescan the blockchain, to know whether the missing should be visible?

  2. As soon as we click the “trigger rescan” button, a message with “success” is displayed. Is this to notify that the blockchain has been rescanned, or what “success” is it announcing, since my funds are still not showing up after the “success” message?

  3. Do we have to keep the computer on and the wallet open while this scanning procedure carries out, or can we switch off PC and close wallet while the procedure rescans?

  4. Is the nickname of the wallet that we are asked to enter, important when recovering a wallet with 25 word seed phrase, or is it just the seed phrase that matters, if we cannot remember the exact nickname we entered when creating the wallet? i.e. as long as the correct wallet address is loaded, does that mean we have loaded the correct address that is tied to the seed phrase?

  5. Please reply to each question as numbered above… Thank you…

  1. The rescan feature should set the wallet heights (seen on the lefthand side) to either 0 if you defined to start at 0 or some other height if you defined another height. You must wait until the numbers either show green or equal the topoheight presented at either of these links: or

  2. “Success” is shown in regards to show you that the command to ‘initiate a rescan’ was successful, from there you just need to wait for the sync process to complete (see #1).

  3. You need to keep the machine on, yes. Everything is performed client-side, nothing is happening on a server etc. web wallet uses WASM (web assembly module) to provide a web-friendly interface to run the wallet in, however all calculations and files are hosted locally (on your machine).

  4. The nickname of the wallet has no relation to the 25 word seed phrase. It is simply the name of the wallet file that it is provisioning.

Additionally, in the web wallet if you clear cache / use a different browser you will need to restore from seed and perform a re-scan as necessary again. This is due to the details above regarding everything being client side/cache. For more of a persistent wallet, utilize desktop wallets either CLI or CMD (GUI-based wallet). I also referenced these details here: How many different dero wallets are there? - #2 by nelbert442

Also check Recovering web wallet - #18 by ThorIV