ZERO DERO (missing funds)

  • It’s best to create a new account with new seed phrases, just to ensure new wallet provisioning, rather than using seed words from past clipboards/notes etc. Here’s a write-up on creating a new wallet and registering that wallet - Create-Register/Restore wallet on DERO Stargate Network
  • No. You would need to generate a wallet (new or old seed phrase has no correlation) on Stargate and register the account. DHEBP now utilizes an account-based model rather than UTXO and registration is a 1-time action required against a fully synced node for each wallet/seed. The swapped DERO would go to whichever wallet you claim them from on Stargate side.
  • I’m aware of them, yes, that’s about it for me personally as I do not keep up with any of their reports. “the necessity to upgrade the seed phrase to a new format or risk all funds showing as zero” - is not factual, it was performing a swap from Atlantis to Stargate (see previous reply). I don’t have any comments on their newsletter or information, that is not my following or field to discuss as it is up to them what information to share.
  • I don’t have an answer for this, as I will not be the one announcing. It’ll come from the DEV team which usually would be in the form of either discord, twitter or the forum here. But mind you, if there is inofrmation to share then we will try to get it on the necessary platforms that we currently leverage to promote: discord, matrix, twitter, forum, etc.

Hope this helps. Little more than yes/no as you described but hopefully gives the information that you need. Thanks.

Thanks for your links & replies to Q, 2 -7. I appreciate it. I will consult them in detail later… but you missed responding to Q1.

  1. Please confirm if this is correct : Due to a DERO account holder not having accessed their previous DERO account wallet for many months, (not having need to)… when recovering their wallet with their seed phrase in Nov 2022, their account receive address pertaining to their seed phrase, is expected to be and supposed to be now a different address than before, and the users account DERO funds they previously had, pertaining to their seed phrase, are expected to be and supposed to be now showing as a zero balance. This is how the DERO project have designed their account.wallet system to be due to the recent Stargate upgrade. It is not an error or anomaly. Users who were not aware of this upgrade are expected & supposed to find a new address and their DERO funds showing as zero, by design. Is this correct and normal to expect? Please state YES or NO.
    From your responses so far, which do not clarify this, I am left to assume that your answer here is a YES, but I do not like to rely on assumptions, so If you could answer, or get someone else to answer it, only then can I be sure of the answer so as to fully comprehend without leaving doubt.

1b. From your responses, I also have to deduce that you are not one of the developers, since you mentioned that the announement would come from the dev team and not from yourself. Correct?

  1. The Captain sent me a link on Discord yesterday, giving details that I would need to send my DERO Funds to a specific user DERO address listed on the link he sent me, (that I do not control the keys to) so as to swap them… But how could I or anyone send DERO to any address from an account that is showing zero balance of DERO, in order to have swapped it? This is why I am asking Q1.

9 How can the correct amount of purchased DERO that is somehow sent to an external address from an account showing zero balance, for swapping, be claimed by the correct account holder on Stargate side, or how is the correct swapping amount verified so as to claim it by the account it belongs to?

  1. At this point, would you advise creating a new Stargate wallet for the new DERO I have to store, on the CLI wallet I have, or the GUI wallet, or the ENGRAM wallet, or which?

  2. Are any of these new Stargate address wallets connectable to either Ledger or Trezor?


Hi again, I hope you have had a good long weekend break. Just checking that you have seen my previous message above 4 days ago?..

Wait for the announcement who missed the deadline.

I have already been informed to “wait for an announcement”… But you have replied without answering any of my 6 questions. Could I have my questions above answered please? Q,1, 1B, 8,9,10 & 11…
That’s 6 unanswered, ignored, avoided questions that I would like answers to please…

There is a post on DERO Twitter that says that DERO support staff are the best, friendliest, most helpful support in all of crypto… Where can I find them please?

  • Nope. Re-read my responses. Technically speaking if you utilized the same software for Atlantis chain to recover your seed on as you used “previous DERO account wallet for many months”, your funds are still there, in Atlantis’ chain and DB stale as that chain is no longer running. There was a period of time in which seed nodes were kept online with minimal hash to allow for txns to be sent for the swap period, which is now over. Await future announcements for any potential alternatives to move funds from Atlantis to Stargate, if there will be one.
  • Just a fan.
  • You’d follow the directions and utilize your wallet on Atlantis, to which your funds exist. This simply is a “proving” task to prove you own DERO on Atlantis, then you send a claim txn on Stargate side to join the two actions and ultimately receive DERO equal to what you sent on Atlantis, just as the swap instructions state.
  • On Atlantis, you send a transaction to the swap addresses (which are also on Atlantis) with your full balance. You retain the txn you used to send this balance as well as any proofs etc. (for your own safe keeping to prove sending). Once this is completed, you’ll utilize Stargate binaries and wallet to send a claim transaction, again to the Stargate address defined in the swap docs, stating the amount of DERO and atlantis txn (10:) to which the swap address service will send you the DERO to be claimed within 24-48 hours. This was the case during the swap period. Any changes to this procedure will need to await any further announcements, as discussed.
  • A Stargate DERO wallet is a Stargate DERO wallet. You can use the seeds through CLI, Engram or Web Wallet all the same. Each has their own set of ‘features’, however are the same chain and thus will result in the same address.
  • No
  1. I did not want to start a new thread as a new topic, but did so only because I was waiting 5 days with no reply here, so thought that perhaps you could not see my new questions for some reason.

  2. Thank you for your responses, however some questions still remain unanswered. Re-reading your previous responses which didn’t answer this question either, will still not answer it now. I will try to simplify the 1st question that I have already asked 3 times:

When accessing my ATLANTIS account via my ATLANTIS seed phrase, via the ATLANTIS CLI WALLET, in Nov 2022, I find a new address than was there before and my DERO balance showing as ZERO… Is this what is expected to be found, due to the STARGATE upgrade, or is it NOT what is expected to be found?

A new address :YES or NO… ?
A Dero balance showing as ZERO : YES or NO?

Because both of these are what I find… so I want to know if this an error that only happened to me, or is it normal and expected for anyone. It is a simple question.

  1. I will wait for the swap instructions, but I still do not know how it is possible to send or claim or prove my previous balance of DERO, on any side, or anywhere, if it is currently showing in my wallet as ZERO balance…Where can be actual balance be seen anywhere, so as to verify what it was, so as to claim it? Or is it invisible to and unverifiable by human beings?

  2. I have yesterday created a new Stargate address wallet by downloading the ENGRAM wallet. This wallet looks great! Finally a DERO wallet that is simple to use and to understand and operate. Whoever designed this did a great job. I have sent my new DERO from Tradeogre to this wallet and it arrived within a few seconds… I hope that my seed phrase for this wallet, will not expire in future due to any further upgrades, as my previous one seems to have done…

  • If you’re using appropriate atlantis binaries, you will not see a “new” stargate address. Be sure you’re using binaries from derosuite which is the Atlantis DERO repo. However, keep in mind there are no public atlantis nodes running. If you do not have an existing database from Atlantis, then you may not “see” your DERO if you’re restoring since you’ll be at height 0/0. In Atlantis (which uses cryptonote) you’ll need to re-scan the entire chain to have your wallet scan through transactions to properly represent your balance. But if you have an old wallet.db file from Atlantis, then simply using the appropriate binaries, as defined above, you’ll be able to view your funds as well as your correct address from at least the last point you had synced previously.
  • See previous
  • See previous.
  • It is defined within the swap instructions and I did actually define the state of this in my previous replies, however I’ll rehash it:

On atlantis side during the swap period you would send a transaction with your full balance to one of the two provided atlantis swap addresses. You would then take note of that txid, and then best practice to also keep the tx_key etc. for further proving.

On stargate side you would send a claim txn to the stargate swap address provided which would include within the tx_comment of the transaction of amount:txid . When stargate originally launched for the first 144,000 blocks there was a base award of 0.002 sent to all new registered addresses to utilize for sending this claim txn. However after 144,000 was reached this no longer was the case. Either mine some, get from TO (which you’ve already done based on the next question), or have had people on the forum and discord even ask for a little bit to cover the txn to send for claiming.

All of these steps are outlined here: documentation/DEROSWAP.txt at master · deroproject/documentation · GitHub ; DERO CN to DERO HE Swap Instructions CLI Wallet — DERO Documentation documentation

  • Seed phrases do not expire. They are the seed forever on the chain to which they correlate as I’ve tried to explain throughout my replies here.

Thanks for your responses. Again, I appreciate your time. Please bear with my lack of technical knowledge on how these programming complexities function…

  1. I have no idea what you mean by “appropriate atlantis binaries” or “repo” or “an existing database from Atlantis”… I created DERO CLI & DERO GUI wallets on my PC, back in 2021. I sent my DERO from Tradeogre to the GUI wallet, then from that to the CLI wallet. where the balance could then be verified to be.I have screenshots and tx’s to prove this. I wrote down my SEED phrase for those wallets. That is all that was required to know or to be done at the time. When I went to recover my wallet in Nov 2022, the address has changed and the balance is zero.

Regardless of all you have explained, which is all very unnecessarily confusing, I still do not know whether in my situation as explained many times above, the address should now be showing as a different address and if my balance should now show as zero, when I recover my account… And I have asked 4 times… I understand that this may all be perfectly clear to you and the DERO team, but unless it is explained and answered in a way that is understandable, then I cannot understand.

  1. I must have an old wallet.db file on my PC, from when I created the wallets, as I certainly did not delete them, or do anything to them in any way… It is the DERO team who changed everything, not me…

Could you, or the DERO devs, please provide me with simple to follow, step-by-step instructions, so as to find this wallet.db file on Atlantis, and how to “simply find and use the appropriate binaries” (whatever they are) so as I can recover my account to be able to see my old address and my previous balance, and on which wallet this can be achieved… at least just for now until this “announcement” arrives…

  1. You wrote “On atlantis side during the swap period you would send a transaction with your full balance to one of the two provided atlantis swap addresses.”… OK… simple… usually… But how can I possibly send a tx with my full balance, if my balance is showing as ZERO??? Do I send my FULL BALANCE of ZERO Dero?? This makes no sense… Again, I still do not know the answer to this question after asking it 3 times also… Please try again, by explaining in a way that actually answers my question, if that is humanly possible…

4.My original Atlantis account CLI & GUI wallet seed phrases may not technically “expire”, but they are as good as expired if there was a time limit placed on swapping the funds that they were supposed to forever have access to… as is my situation through no choice of my own… but if I now try to recover those seed phrase accounts on the new ENGRAM WALLET, will my old seed phrase be able to access my old address and show my original DERO balance in the ENGRAM WALLET, or will this be a waste of time to attempt since I did not create these accounts when downloading the Engram wallet 2 days ago?

  1. I have asked @captain twice in Discord, WHEN approximately is this announcement likely to be. but he has not answered it. Does anyone have any idea so as to answer this question too, or does nobody have a clue when this may be?


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  • If the address changed, you were restoring your wallet on incorrect binaries. Try downloading the atlantis binaries from derosuite . This would be just to confirm the wallet address is correct . In order to view your funds, you would have needed to sync through the chain, unless of course you have a wallet.db (or other named wallet database file) from that time. To which you’ll utilize the atlantis cli to open. In the version output you’ll see “.Atlantis.” in the name rather than “Stargate”.
  • I’m not trying to be ‘unnecessarily confusing’, but factual. Please step back and take a second to re-read what I’m saying. DERO Atlantis as it was, with the binaries (executable files, like the wallet, derod etc.) for ATLANTIS were for Atlantis which was running off of the Cryptonote protocol. All nodes for that network at this time are no longer running so the network itself is not online. Unless you hold a copy of the Atlantis database locally, you can’t re-sync your transactions etc that occurred on that chain. The way a network runs is the codebase of the daemon (derod) connecting to each other, and blocks are mined on that network to move the chain forward. You connect a wallet to a daemon on that network and that’s where your seeds are validated and transactions are confirmed/showing up in your wallet. DERO Stargate was released earlier this year in February and infrastructure dedication shifted to hosting those nodes on that network, which was brand new and started at height 1, as DERO Stargate and DERO Atlantis codebases were NOT compatible and thus we could not perform a same-chain swap. Different chains, different networks were required and thus meaning different seeds. A seed pertains to the private keys that are generated from it, and the entire codebase is different between the two. A seed just because it is the same words on Atlantis and Stargate does not equal the same wallet nor funds as they are DIFFERENT networks as a whole. They do not know about each other, and thus the need for the swap.
  • Then you should be able to utilize the ATLANTIS binaries from derosuite to at least validate your wallet address with the appropriate executable files. Again, derosuite is not derohe , these are separate codebases and repositories. Derosuite being ATLANTIS and derohe being Stargate.
  • Stated above, however download latest binaries (binaries are executable files that are compiled from the codebase) from derosuite . Run that dero-wallet executable and use the old wallet.db (or whichever name you gave it) file, or if you can’t find it then restore your seed and validate the wallet address. Again to clarify, if you restore you will only see 0/0 balance but at least validate the wallet address as you’d need to sync against a database of the ATLANTIS chain in order to validate transactions and thus see balance.
  • I’m answering your questions with respect to the swap timelines as they directly pertain to your questions specifically. When the swap deadline was in swing, we had access to the Atlantis chain and thus remote nodes capable of you scanning the ATLANTIS chain in order to retrieve your balance on that chain speifically. Then your balance wouldn’t be zero assuming you had the appropriate seeds and appropriate binaries for Atlantis. Again, remember that ATLANTIS is a completely separate chain and database than Stargate. This point I’m trying to make clear in each of these responses, I don’t know how else to explain it and if I’m not coming across perhaps folks on Discord or other mediums can assist further.
  • You still have forever access to the seeds and accounts, they just live on ATLANTIS chain and not STARGATE. You had a period of time to swap them through the means that were provided however that was missed and now we are awaiting any future announcement, as described many times previously, from the dev team for any potential other swap means so that you can move from Atlantis to Stargate.

With respect to “but if I now try to recover those seed phrase accounts on the new ENGRAM WALLET” , NO. Keep in mind, as described above, ATLANTIS is NOT THE SAME network as Stargate. Engram is ONLY for Stargate. The only wallets that will work to restore your seeds and wallet on Atlantis side today are those at derosuite and CMD. You restoring your old seed on Engram/Stargate simply is generating a Stargate account that happens to have the same seed as you used on Atlantis. They DO NOT mean they are the same account and will auto-swap or anything like that. Stargate is not equal to Atlantis and the wallets/accounts/balances on one do not equal the other, ever. That’s not possible. The swap merely is a “way” to “move” your proved balance from Atlantis and get funded on Stargate side.

  • No timeline has been defined, we are awaiting an announcement.

Thanks again… I did not mean that you personally were trying to be unnecessarily confusing, I just meant that this whole Atlantis to Stargate incompatibility and all that is required to comprehend it and fix this missing fund nightmare, is unnecessarily confusing, since in my opinion it all could have been designed in a way that didn’t require the user/investor to have to go insane trying to learn the programming complexities in order to just be able to access their invested funds…What hope will there be for mass adoption if even those experienced in using many other crypto wallets, are totally confused? No need to reply to that… I do appreciate your help…

  1. You mention above to “download the atlantis binaries from [derosuite]… just to confirm the wallet address is correct…” But I already know that my wallet addresses are correct as well as know that my seed phrases are correct.

Since I have to wait for this “announcement” anyway, so as to recover my funds , is there any point at this stage, in me delving into further complexities by downloading these “binaries” to probably encounter more problems that will need further questions & explanations, or is downloading these binaries necessary and required or beneficial for whatever I will be required to do in this “announcement”?

  1. Are these “binaries” a software update for the CLI wallet I already have installed, or what is their function?

  2. Does downloading them replace the current CLI wallet software I already have or are these binaries something different?

  3. If I do need to download these binaries in order to be able to recover funds with the “announcement”, what exactly should I do with them after downloading them? If I execute the downloaded file, what is expected to open up?

  4. " In order to view your funds, you would have needed to sync through the chain,"… What do you mean by this?. Sync what, through what chain and how?

  5. “unless of course you have a wallet.db (or other named wallet database file) from that time. To which you’ll utilize the atlantis cli to open.”

When opening or recovering my CLI wallet, I am prompted for the .db file, to which I have entered the name I gave to my DERO wallet, (presuming that is what is meant by. db file it is asking for) following which I arrive at a different address with zero balance showing, as explained many times… So I still cannot see the previous funds even though you say above that the .db file is what is needed to view the funds… which I do not view…

  1. I don’t think I hold a copy of the Atlantis database locally. How can I check if I do? I just downloaded the CLI AND GUI wallets and created wallets to send funds to… Does this also download the Atlantis database?

  2. " you should be able to utilize the ATLANTIS binaries from [derosuite] to at least validate your wallet address with the appropriate executable files." What do you mean by “validate” my wallet address? I already know what my wallet address was… Is “validating it” something different than knowing what it was?

  3. What do you mean by “appropriate executable files.” How would I determine which ones are “appropriate” or not “appropriate” and where do I find them?

10.I already know what my DERO balance should be, so is there need to “validate” this by downloading binaries and executable files now, (more complexities to confuse matters further) in order to be able to recover/swap my funds with the “announcement”…?.. or are you thinking that I may not know what my balance should be?

  1. So, in relation to sending my full balance of DERO, this procedure was only possible during the “swap deadline” period which has now expired… correct? and now that my balance is showing as zero, I will not be instructed to impossibly send a full balance of zero DERO when this announcement arrives, but there will be a different procedure instead… correct? If so, then I finally comprehend… This was the missing piece of the puzzle that has only now been revealed… I was made to think that when this “announcement arrives” I will still be instructed to send a full balance of zero… which I could not possibly do.

  2. So any idea what the procedure will likely be so as to transfer a balance showing as zero to the Stargate address where it will show as what it should be?

  3. I received a strange email today linking to this forum, where the message is not visible to me on the forum. It was :

Dear @scaramanga ,
Can you contact me at;

Do you know who this was from, or why it has since disappeared on here?

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Please dear Lord… be kind to those who had a lot going on the past year and did not see the hard fork mention. I’m an early investor as well and follow Dero on Dollar Vig. I thought if I had my seed phrase I’d be set and haven’t checked my wallet in a year. Please please consider options for those who didn’t swap to Startgate yet. Please

I’m with you brother. I didn’t see the announcement on Twitter (I don’t go on a lot) and am not part of Discord. I figured if I had the seed phrase, I’d be set. It’s insane to have a cutoff that’s less than a year, for transfer to the new project. I feel screwed. If they offer alternate swap timelines or solutions, that would be the best path forward. Funny, i bought 4,000 more today and went to send to my wallet and ZERO. . Please @DEVELOPER provide a solution for swapping to Stargate. I personally lost a lot of people over the last 2 years and haven’t been looking for Dero announcements… Please assist

@dmeyer08 Kindness has nothing to do with it an is not a requirement to be able to access our invested funds via the seed phrase, as is the foundation of crypto investing security practice and blockchain technology. If one invests in a project they want to support, and has their seed phrase, then a way to access these funds must exist and must be made available by the project, regardless of what the project may decide to upgrade, if the project is genuine, which I trust it is… After having to ask4 times, @captain has confirmed on Discord to expect an “announcement” to fix this, sometime in the “next quarter”… When exactly, and what that procedure may be or what further complexities it will involve and require additional support for, nobody seems to have any idea yet…

You’re right re kindness. If you have your keys, you have your crypto. Which is not the case here. You’d think a security-first crypto like Dero they’d find that as rule #1, and not have a cut-off date for swapping to new chain. # of coins is firm so why would it matter how long it takes someone to swap? Truly hoping Dero allows a swap next quarter. I sold my recent buy of another 5k Dero ($20k) yesterday out of frustration and not letting a chain swap, even though I have my keys, happen again to my portfolio. Let me know when they announce if you hear anything

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Exactly… The most valuable asset to any project, is their investors support…

I realize you may be busy, @nelbert442 , but just reminding you about my last reply 7 days ago, in case perhaps you did not see it… thanks…

What you’re doing is obviously trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Captain didn’t say he was “fixing this issue” next quarter. What you seem to be doing is keeping an old thread going as long as possible even though you are in discord and obviously have a better means to communicate.

There is no issue here, only user error. I’m closing this thread. Please stop trying to keep threads on the top of the forums that are dead or irrelevant.