How to mine DERO in HiveOS

Hello Miners will show you, How To Mine DERO-HE in HiveOS
First you need to setup your xmrig config

The second step is to check your miner console just hit “miner” in rig console.

You will see that you cannot start mine at this moment.

Step 3 Navigate to xmrig folder :

Step 4 Open config.json file with nano editor:

Step 5 Navigate to pool section in config file and found a row “daemon”: false. You will need to change it to “daemon”: true

Now you need to save changes with CTRL+X, then Y, then ENTER

Final step to check your miner console:

Happy Mining DERO!


Spells From Discord — ITs an error in HiveOS, the Daemon flag is hardcoded false in the file, you can edit that and hardcode it true, also adding wss:true.. and there are also some scripts and custom miner download packages out there to also fix the issue

Updated version for AstroBWTv3 below