How to mine DERO using my Win7 desktop?

Hello, can someone tell me how to mine DERO? I have a desktop using Win 7 Operating system.

You can download any mining program for the CryptoNight PoW algo.

I use XMR-Stak myself, it’s a miner that supports CPU and GPU mining (AMD + Nvidia).

@Serena Is there any tutorials or steps that shows how to configure this desktop mining software(XMR-Stak) with you , If so please provide me a link.

All the info you need should be here:

There’s a video on the page that should show you how to set everything up. I haven’t been following XMR-Stak as much recently since I stopped mining a few days ago (moving a long distance)

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Thanks @Serena

Greatly appreciate your help

You’re welcome, I’m very happy to have you as a supporter of Dero!

Thank you as well, and message any time :slight_smile:

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at last after a lot of tries I also started to mine. Thanks a lot @Serena #derolove