How to send DERO to another wallet or exchange

To transfer DERO from one wallet address to another see following steps.
1] Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute
2] Make sure wallet is sync with daemon, confirm with if any doubts.
3] Choose option 5 in wallet to transfer DERO to another address.

NB: Few exchanges like Kucoin requires payment ID along with address to add funds to your account. Users can get their payment ID from their exchange wallet.

Tradeogre exchange doesn’t require payment ID, they use integrated_address which are easy and less confusing. Payment ID is included within integrated address.

NB: To withdraw DERO from any exchange to your wallet does not require payment ID. Only your wallet address is required.
Receiver payment ID is optional to transfer DERO between wallets.

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Use help cmd in wallet for more options.