How to setup Dero Web Wallet


STEPS to setup your own Dero Web Wallet like :

Use minimum Golang version 1.11.1 to build.
STEP 1] Get and build the Dero daemon from
STEP 2] Get webroot from and copy webroot folder along with mainnet folder.
STEP 3] In derosuite folder run, GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o webroot/static/wallet.wasm cmd/webwallet/main.go
STEP 4] Run Dero daemon and access webwallet using recent browser on
STEP 5] For SSL/TLS support, create keys folder along with mainnet folder and place server.crt and server.key. SSL/TLS only supported on DNS only.

Dero Web Wallet runs completely in browser and requires Dero daemon only to function without any third party support or modifications. Any seed/key/details never leaves your browser.

Dero web wallet UI designs