How to swap Atlantis to Stargate with web wallet?

Hi guys,

I’ve been reading the docs about how to swap coins from the old chain to the new one using both the cli wallet and an exchange wallet but what about the webwallet?

As far as I can see there isn’t anywhere to enter the following command :

set ringsize 2

on the webwallet so can somebody please provide me with a step by step guide please?

I already have a registered SG address, I just need to know how to swap the coins into it.

Many thanks!

Pls use CLI wallet for swap or use Tradeogre for swap.

Okay a few things…

  1. Trade Ogre is no longer issuing a swap address

  2. CLI wallet swap instructions are crazy, no way should you be expecting an average user to follow these. I’m a computer programmer and I’m having trouble understanding exactly what I need to do.

I have a Stargate cli wallet (with a registered address) and an Atlantis cli wallet that I have imported my old Atlantis web wallet account into. It’s still downoading the blockchain so I’m not sure if my balance is going to show up yet. Also another bad move expecting people to wait hours for these old wallets to load the chain. Why isn’t there a bootstrap file available (at least up until the point of hardfork) or a fast sync option? It’s very annoying.


The swap instructions say that I need to send my Atlantis coins to the following address :


And make a note of the TX number.

All fine…

But then it says I need to also set up a Stargate Daemon.
Why do I need to run a Stargate node? Why can’t I just use my existing Stargate cli wallet (using the --remote option) to do the remaining part of the swap, or can I? This is my point, it is not clear.

Also if my Stargate wallet was empty right now (which it isn’t) how would I be able to do this swap at all? It says we have to send 0.00001 Dero (along with the previous TX id) to another address to complete the swap. Why is this costing anything and how would this be possible if I had no coins in my Stargate wallet? It just feels like this whole swap thing is one hot mess.

Sorry but I’m getting really frustrated with this now. The mining is broken and now I can’t even work out how to get my coins off the dead chain on to the new one.

Please advise if I can use my existing Stargate cli wallet (without a daemon running) to perform the last part of the swap.

You can use existing Stargate wallet with remote if that’s you’re choice , yes.

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Thank you for a clear answer.

What about my question regarding funds though? If I hadn’t been mining into my Stargate Wallet I would have no funds in there. So how would I have paid for the swap?

You’d have to get DERO to make the swap whether mining or transferring from TO or other location. First 144,000 blocks on Stargate provided 0.002 to cover tx fees for all new account registrations to combat this. That can only go on so long.

Otherwise TradeOgre allows swapping directly, if the Atlantis wallet addr doesn’t show up, refresh the page. Unless this has been modified, personally I don’t track their states but afaik that is still in place.

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Post your DERO address, will send TX fees required for swap…

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Thanks for the offer but it’s not necessary, I have DERO in my SG wallet, I was just asking for clarification that’s all.

Appreciate the offer though.

Okay so I managed to send some coins from the Atlantis cli wallet to the swap address and then submitted the TXID:amt via my stargate wallet a few days ago.

Haven’t received the coins in my SG wallet yet, how long is it supposed to take?

Also, when I import my SG cli wallet into the SG web wallet the transaction is there but it’s in red, screenshot attached. Is this correct?


Hi, could you send TX fees for the swap to me please? I wasn’t able to DM you unfortunately because I don’t see an envelope icon under you avatar.

@undutchie , Share your DERO Stargate Address.

DM your Atlantis TXID.

It’s okay, it came through after a few days. Thanks!

Hello, I’ve also been trying to work this out for some time. I’m not a computer programmer but can usually figure out things. I was following the instructions from:
DERO CN to DERO HE Swap Instructions Browser Wallet — DERO Documentation documentation
In Step 1 I used my existing (Atlantis) wallet details not “Create new wallet”.
I waited quite a while for my (small) balance to load.
I put in the swap address and selected my total balance. I entered my p/w and was met with the following message after clicking next: says
Tx creation failed. err Insufficent unlocked balance

I also followed the directions for “Stargate Daemon Setup” and had it running for a while (few days). I believe the blockchain was synced. However, every time I try to send my balance to the swap address I get the same message (as above). I even tried to send an amount that was less than 0.01 dero than my total balance.
I have not yet created the Stargate wallet … as I read that you should NOT send directly from Atlantis address to Stargate address.
But if we’re being required to send DERO to a new wallet system I don’t see why there should be a fee anyway.
I have spent several hours on this already.
Please help!

Hmm, 9 days and no reply.
Is my DERO gone?
Please advise if there’s a chance to get it to stargate wallet …
Thanks in advance!

I am in the same situation as OP – trying to swap DERO from Atlantis to Stargate wallet.

Try sending small amounts first.
If still error paste error screenshot.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have been able to send to the swap address.
I am now at this step:
The daemon is now launched and will sync the entire blockchain.

Stargate Wallet Setup

NOTE: Stargate Daemon will be required for this step
It has been running for nearly 36 hrs and still shows:
DERO HE: 0/0 [0/0] P 0 TXp 0:1 NW 10.000 MH/s >Miners 0 MAINNET 0 517ms | -517ms | 0s>>

Make sure UDP is allowed by your router/firewall/VPN.

It shows daemon is unable to connect to DERO network.

Thanks for your quick response!
How will I know when daemon is able to connect to DERO network? I have made changes in my router and Firewall settings. Do I need to restart the router & PC?

OK, I rebooted the router and then “refreshed” Firewall rules after changing to UDP … still not syncing to DERO chain … ?