I created a webwallet, balance was showing, now zero


Please bear with me as I am not the most technically advanced person.!
From the Dero webwallet homepage I ‘created a new wallet’
I then did a test and sent a few Dero to the wallet from tradeogre. They arrived quickly, I then sent a few more and my balance was showing correctly.
This was last week and I just logged into the wallet and the balance is showing as Zero, there is also nothing showing under TX transactions.
I have double checked the address I sent to from Tradeogre and the wallet address when i am logged in, and they are the same.
Could anyone help at all?
thank you


Hi Deroh, you can try to rescan the blockchain from a previous height of block, from web wallet click option button then click rescan blockchain from start topoheight. (is more slow, but it should work)

for a faster support i advise you to join our telegram or discord channel :slight_smile:

Edit: remember to always save yours seeds, in the worst case you can always use them to recover your wallet



Thanks, I tried clicking rescan blockchain, but unfortunatly it didn’t change anything . It didn’t seem to do much, ‘success’ just popped up on the screen after I clicked rescan,
I have my seed safly written down, thank you.
I feel like I’m being a total noob, however, I don’t think I’ve slipped up anywhere. I’ve double checked the address I sent to from tradeogre multiple times…hmm


I have continued the discussion in telegram and waiting for GUI to sync.



My dero turned up. Maybe just some kind of delay.