Insufficient funds when swapping from Atlantis to Stargate

Trying to follow the directions at, and making it to Step 19 at the very bottom. However, the stargate wallet is showing “insufficient funds,” presumably because I don’t have the 0.00001 dero to send a tx.

I just created my Stargate wallet last week, so does that mean it won’t get the funds necessary to cover this initial tx?

Include here or DM your Stargate address, can send you some DERO to cover the fees.

You appear to have DMs disabled. Discourse told me, “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

If it’s a matter of just needing a small amount to make the initial transfer, I’m happy to pay it back if someone is willing to help (and think that will solve the problem).

Post your address here and can send some to cover the txn fee, 0.00200 should do it.

SG address: dero1qygyswfvxde4q88chrjmnqw7am85chpns0puva4psd0g8aumw5jz6qgtm4nay

Thanks in advance. If you send me your addr back, I’ll be sure to refund you.

Sent. Sorry for delay :slight_smile: No need for repay, enjoy.

Thanks, I’ve sent the tx id and amount in the comment to the Dero address as documented in the how-to. Any idea how long it takes for the Atlantis-to-Stargate swap to occur?

Swap will usually happen between about 24-48hr. If it takes longer feel free to reach out to @Support here or on discord @Captain#0795 with txid etc. But should occur within that initial window.

Welp, looks like the Atlantis to Stargate swap hasn’t made it to the SG wallet yet (it quickly left the Atlantis wallet). Do you want the tx id of the Atlantis send tx?

Reach out to captain on discord, put the handle in previous message, with txid etc. Or support on here. Don’t share your txns here. Captain is in control of the process, if it didn’t go through automatically in that timeframe perhaps a manual intervention is necessary to which they can address it. @Support

DM your Atlantis TXID.

Just tried to send a DM to @Support from the /messages route in Discourse and it says,

“Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

It seems like DMs are mostly disabled here.

DM your TXID here. There is no support user in discourse.

Wound up contacting Captain on Discord and he got it fixed up. I misunderstood the process to be automated end-to-end but it looks like it still requires some human intervention periodically, so it’s not always a 48-hour turnaround. Presumably depending on how busy Captain is, it could take longer.

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