Investments by network abusing

Recently I took a look to ITNS coin, which was started August 2017. They are more visible in the crypro-world as they are presented on the CoinMarketCap. Now they suffer from severe oscillations of the network hashrate. Few days ago I observed the following. Exactly at 8:00PM their hashrate jumped from 8MH/s --> 20 MH/s. After exactly at 1:00AM in the night the hashrate returned back. So, somebody bought 12MH/s from NH and put this to ITSN. During 5 hours that user mined ~230000 coins, which cost ~3200 euros at that moment. The rent of such mining power costs about the same 3000 euros. I understand that maybe this is the only way how to invest money to the project on its early stage. Using an exchange market is not possible, because 1) the market is thin and any attempt to buy significant number of coins will push the price up; 2) maybe the investor wants to preserve his anonymity. An interesting point is: which pool that user used. It was a special pool the NH or somebody else created. This pool normally sleeps with 0 users, but when necessary it is used for such “investments” to the project.

I know that the Dero team tries to establish personal relations with the pools owners and ask them to close stratum ports, but I would like to warn you that someday such special pool to abuse the network will be created. A question is: is it possible to force all the mining software (or the derod ?) to work with only authorized by the Dero team pools ? If not, and if you try to play now like a market maker, I advise to be very careful with this, because when such an “investor” starts to cell his coins on the market, he might take all your resources. I think, the more small users you can attract, the better.

I wish to the Dero project only the best and big success !

Most if not all Dero pools now support Nicehash

There is lot more than just controlling and authorizing the derod daemon for certain pools,
If i/dev can authorize something to benefits/control/restrict others then i can change/tilt it to benefit me/us/specific users also.
Apart from above sentence there is lot on blockchain which can written to expand above.
Technically more or less everything can be implemented what you need but pls try to understand the concept and essence of blockchain.
pls fee free to ask me anytime more, i would be glad to answer all.