Is Dero Support Compromised? Need Wallet wallet operating again

Hi Support Staff,
I have received communication from support (via email) BUT when advice given did not work, not a word back despite me emailing back several times. My problem is as follows:
When I last visited my Dero Wallet to action a Transfer from Tradeogre (TO). Actioned transfer and when I went back to check for its arrival, not there. Also noticed that syncing numbers were 0 / 0. Could not find any ‘number’ for resyncing so decided to reload wallet. Well this has resulted in Dero Balance disappearing and also wallet has not loaded properly as cannot get any instructions for syncing which should lead to balances being restored when fully synced (ie. 123456 / 123456).
I have a laptop, no smart phone, cannot access Dero Dapps Support (which I was told to go to and every thing would be ‘honk dorey’) and using the Windows CLI 64bit wallet. seem to have issues with Remote Nodes and Daemons (haven’t a bloody clue what that is all about) and the fact that I am not very Tech Savy at all (72 yrs old and slowish on uptake).
What I require are Fool Proof, Idiot Proof set of step by step instructions on loading a Windows CLI wallet so that I get syncing and all my balances back. Secondly once that wallet is back and functioning, can I more Dero to a Ledger Hardware wallet or Metamask wallet so that I don’t get a repeat of the 'loss of wallet or functioning of wallet again".
Please, Please, Pretty Please, help me .

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You might want to check the following weblink that was published in March when Dero had a chain split.

I myself use the GUI wallet so i can not assist you with getting the CLI wallet, so i hope the link can help you out.