Is it too late to swap?

There seems to be groups of people posting this same question within short periods of time and a few who insist on keeping threads going for as long as possible by overly complicating things.

Short answer, yes it’s too late to perform the swap as it was originally performed as the old chain is now legacy but there is a possible solution for you coming soon.

Long answer on why it has been difficult getting clarity on this is as follows :

The swap was announced months ahead of time and took place for several months. It was re-announced through every communication channel at our disposal and even extended as well. The first day that it closed and suddenly a large amount of users missed it by “just a day” and it was extended without much participation. Then after the next deadline, it all started again (with very few actual legitimate people still requiring assistance) and technically it was extended for a second time unofficially.

This causes issues as there are mixed signs of trolling and some honest folks that just want some help so please excuse anyone giving you a hard time or joking with you. There have been a substantial of fake accounts mixed in here just trying to stir up problems.

The good news is, for the few of you that actually have a legitimate concern, the devs are working on solution for you. However, since the swap period is over and the old chain is currently stopped, you will have to wait a little longer (estimated to be next Q1-Q2 of 2023).

I’m sorry to hear that you missed the original window but this is also not the first swap in cryptocurrency history and every swap I’ve ever seen with any other chains ended with “if you missed it, you just missed it”. So, please be patient and thankful that the developers are working something out for you.

The bad news for the trolls is that, you’re going to have to find something else to complain about and any further threads created about this will result in an instant ban because you are creating noise that buries people that may actually want some help with other legitimate questions. This makes it harder for the community to see them and help them and that’s the entire point of trolling, now isn’t it?

Thanks again for all of your patience and we will update you all as soon as possible.


Yes, add me to the list of interested parties who invested early in DERO but didn’t follow every change through 2022. I would very much like to stay invested in the project, so a swap from the old to new chain tokens would be much appreciated. Is this where the update will occur in Q1/Q2 2023? In this forum? Thx.

My web wallet shows zero balance, even after rescan.

I assume my coins are Atlantis web wallet coins. How can I swap my coins for the new chain?

I found these instructions at, but they seem to be the old way.

The link to the Atlantis Web Wallet is broken:

How will we be informed that a new way to swap Atlantis for Stargate coins has become available?

I too must have missed the swap window as I haven’t actively followed the chain for a while.

I would appreciate a solution to this as well. Thanks.

I would like to be informed when will be possible to swap (get my DERO from the webwallet made in May 2021. I missed the info through entire 2022. Thank you.

Add me to the list. I had been really busy in 2022 didn’t check my substantial Dero holdings (in Atlantis-length key). I cannot transfer, but I have evidence of past transactions from TrOg screenshotted/snipped from the GUID wallet. The CMD wallet showed half of what I owned which was wrong/outdated, but now it shows zero after trying to restore. The old Atlantis GUID wallet still shows a correct Locked amount plus an unlocked amount (last transaction). I’m having to sell stuff to make up for the potential loss, PLEASE.

Puh! I thought I lost all my DERO’s. Thanks for working on a solution for this!

I’m more of a HODLR, and don’t keep up with all that happens in crypto everyday/month etc.

Will you notify this on the main page or how will it be announced? :slight_smile:

// tbt

I’m a HODL’er also. Didn’t check my account until yesterday. Please notify me when this conversion method gets implemented.

Great news. Highly appreciated.

I discovered only now that my coins are in Atlantis “universe”. Hope the devs will give us lazy f-s one more chance to swap.

To those that keep starting new threads as if this topic has not been beat to death, please use this thread instead. Don’t start new threads full of FUD and say that you are being “censored” and “nobody is listening to you”.

This thread is literally pinned and has information in it already. The swap is closed and has been for months. The devs have expressed they plan on presenting a solution for any remaining unswapped coins. It’s unfortunate that some people missed the swap window and they will have to wait.

This is not the only swap that has ever happened in crypto and other chains that had swaps, you either swapped or you lost your coins completely.

Please have patience with the devs as they are working on a solution to help anyone that missed the official window.


Thank you again for the possibility of trading in our early investment in DERO to the new token. We anxiously again the migration announcement. Where should we look for the announcement (so we don’t miss it again)?

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I think it will be announced here in this thread. I’m checking this thread and the main page once/twice a week. :slight_smile: Don’t wanna miss it next time…

Will it be enough to check this thread once per month or would that risk missing the next window again?

+1. Do we need to keep watch at other places too or will it be announced here? Really don’t wanna miss it again… :worried:

Please keep me posted too

thanks kryptoid. and all you devs out there in dero project. count me in on this one. this is how i learn things. hard way. we all have to be responsable for our money and our lives. hard times are coming, so we have to stay focused.
best wishes to all involved
greetings from croatia

Still very interested in a DERO upgrade solution. It is very kind of you to consider helping those of us who were not aware of this change over the last year. A 2023 upgrade to the new DERO (for those of us who believe in the mission of the project and invested early) would be most appreciated. Thank you. And standing by for a solution…

I’d like to be updated on this also please. I’d stepped away from crypto for a while and missed the conversion window.