Late Swap Update

Hello DERO team. A thread was started early last year (2023) and then closed saying we would be informed… regarding a late swap capability for those of us that were not following the project as closely in 2022 when the token swaps occurred. Does the team plan to address this issue? Please let us know where we stand with our early investment into DERO.

There has not been an update on a second swap. Please continue to be patient.

Good Morning. As of April 15th, 2024, the Stargate coins from the Atlantis swap will be burned. Any pending swaps will be completed before the burn and no further requests to swap coins will be accepted. $dero
finally, i thought. this is what Nelbert reposted from Joshy. so, this far nothing on dero news, hope it is going to be soon, just to showus where and how to do the swap

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For those on discord: Discord

Or copied below from 6/25/23:

For those who missed the swap pls DM(Captain#0795) on discord or to captain on your old Atlantis seed, approx-balance & new DERO-HE Stargate address to receive the swap.  Make sure you are on this discord server to receive replies/msgs etc. as my DMs are open.  As always No one here in DeroProject will DM you first.

Don’t reply to DMs or other scammers. Use either discord or matrix via above only, this is the latest information regarding what to do. As far as the cutoff for pending etc you have the information I do.

April 15th is soon! we need instructions now. I have evidence of what I have in the old Atlantis GUI wallet. The CMD wallet no longer shows a balance. All transactions are shown.

How would I DM Captian#0795 if he’s not my friend or hasn’t accepted yet?

How do I join the DERO discord? I think I need an invite link. Thanks.

All social links at the base of

Just send a DM , if not discord use matrix as described.

I went on there yesterday and DM’d Captain my details and then asked a mod if that will work before April 15th and now I think I’m banned from the discord or the invite link expired? The invite says “Whoops” when I click on it now. Can no longer communicate with anyone.