Link to swap given from Azylem in Dero Project group in Telegram... ledigt?

A link to swap from Atlantis to Stargate coins was given from Azylem in Dero Project group in Telegram… ledigt?

This is the link that was given:

He gave these instructions…

Azylem, [16 May 2023 at 16:50:32]:

…Click the link above
Select reactivation
Select Dero
Authorize and sign
Just reactivate and then you can proceed with swap

Since the link is not on I am hesitant to use it. Can somebody confirm if this is ledgit or a phishing attempt to get my private key? It does ask to enter it!

Not legit…never share your seed anywhere.

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Not me, scammers, report the channel and move on.
Official telegram channel was locked for this reason, telegram doesn’t help with controlling the impersonators.

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Lost all my funds because of this link.
It’s a Big scam.