Lost password and seed to web wallet!


Hey guys
I created a wallet on derowallet.io and transfered my dero coins from tradeogre to it. I was so worried to send the coins to the right address that I forgot to save the text file of my password and seed :sob: I wanted to be safe ffs
the wallet is still in my browser though
I managed to save the wallet files from the browser.
is there a way to crack the password?
I looked into the file and it looks like it’s encrypted with SHA1 with a salt.
is it possible?


For wallet decryption code, Pls look at https://git.dero.io/DeroProject/derosuite_webwallet/src/branch/master/walletapi/db_mem.go#L375.

	// try to deseal password and store it
	w.pbkdf2_password = Generate_Key(w.KDF, password)

	// try to decrypt the master password with the pbkdf2
	w.master_password, err = DecryptWithKey(w.pbkdf2_password, w.Secret) // decrypt the master key
	if err != nil {
		rlog.Errorf("err opening secret err: %s ", err)
		err = fmt.Errorf("Invalid Password")
		w = nil

	// password has been  found, open the account

	account_bytes, err := w.Decrypt(w.Account_Encrypted)
	if err != nil {
		rlog.Errorf("err opening account err: %s ", err)
		err = fmt.Errorf("Invalid Password")
		w = nil


Thanks a lot for your response
Im not a programmer
can you tell me how can I do this in a simple way?


You require a bruteforcer to brute force the wallet file for all passowrds. But I have no idea if there is such complete tool for brute forcing Dero wallet. Above code is the reference code required to write such tool.


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