Lower the transaction fee?

Currently,the transaction fee I saw on the pool is 0.0151/Dero/5Mixin,this is not a problem since the price for 1dero is just 0.5USD around.

But as the project growth,the price may rise,the reward for each block will reduce,and the network will be filled with more transaction one day.
Just take a look at the transaction fee for bitcoin with 0.001BTC and Monero with 0.01 XMR,that’s about 3~10USD for each transaction.Even the Monero has no blocksize limit.

I think it’s necessary to solve the fee problem when Dero is still young,since hard fork or soft fork won’t impact too much now.

There’s a similar project named “haven”,they already lower the network fee in recent commit.

Several Question:
1.Is there a blocksize limit in Dero?

2.What’s the lowest possible transaction fee for Dero?

3.Any plan to lower the transaction fee?

4.The blockchain size for monero is huge now,any plan to reduce the chain size for Dero?

Yes all will taken care.

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