Mined Dero lost on pool.dero.live

Not sure what’s wrong on this pool, but I mined 6.9 dero on pool.dero.live and they seemed to be missing now on the blockchain and my wallet hasn’t been credited!

How this could even happen?

Totally lost 6.9 DERO!! :frowning:

Something is terribly wrong with this pool. Network hashrate there is not the same when checked at http://explorer.dero.io/

Should the people stop mining there?

Are these DERO payments completely lost? - http://pool.dero.live/#payments

None of the recent transactions are available on the above payment link!!

Miners are silently moving to different pool. I see miner rocks pool’s hashrate increasing - https://dero.miner.rocks

But why the mining community here isn’t discussing this!

Hello derox,

I’m sorry that the official pool went out of sync for a period of time in the last 24 hours. Our development team understands the critical importance of maintaining their pool and check it multiple times daily with all the appropriate notifications set.

The official pool owner was on a flight for around 12 hours and promptly restored the pool after its brief sync error when they landed between flights. At the moment, the stats and payment history are not showing, however, the pool is in sync and miners are earning their rewards again. If there are any issues with pending balances being paid, the developers will expediently transfer the funds owed to all recipients manually.

When support has landed again they will rectify the issue. I will be personally monitoring the pool regularly so if there are any changes or updates I can notify the community posthaste.

I also lost about 2 DERO in a failed transaction: http://explorer.dero.io/tx/6a9c93ea1ad908be00646af1878709453234f28059c98a4729fca2990d12867b

Will we be getting these DERO or are they lost forever?

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Hey @Serena,

Thank you very much for the response! Yes, I can see the pool is in sync now and thanks to the devs for restoring the pool. I’m yet to receive the pending balance from the pool, so any ETA on that? Or should the miners follow any procedures/process to get them??

Once again, thank you for the communication here!

Hey derox,

Support runs the official pool and has been working but unable to communicate due to lengthy travel times. You will want to contact them on the forums to discuss the details regarding your issue. Though support may take 1-2 days to respond to this issue, don’t worry, they need a bit of rest but will return soon revitalized with the same passion and enthusiasm that you’ve seen every day to date! :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome and I will be here if you need me again!

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j3c, please contact support regarding your payment and they will respond at their earliest opportunity. There is a bit of a backlog so if you see support online they’re just working through the queue to get to you as fast as possible so that we can attempt to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out any time and I will do my best to respond quickly.

We spoke earlier on Slack but I had meant to leave a response here for you too


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Because its not unusual to happen. When forking happens everyone looses.

Miners are again losing their DERO

Above two transaction from the official pool are not on the blockchain - http://pool.dero.live/#payments
Again pool has gone out of sync!

It is in part the miner’s responsibility to periodically check that the pool they are mining on on the relevant branch. Forks happen on all young CN coins. You can thank your fellow miners spiking network hashrate with nicehash for this. This will be mitigated in further development but will not happen overnight so stop spamming with the same angry message.

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