Miniblocks are not credited to the wallet

Over the past 24 hours, 7 mini-blocks have been mined, several computers (37-47kh/s) are being mined by a local serer (derod-windows-amd64 +dero-wallet-cli-windows-amd64). Of the 7 mini-blocks, only 2 are credited, the remaining mini-blocks are not credited to the wallet. registered - 0 / Stale - 0. why don’t they come? I tried to restart derod-windows-amd64 with a different wallet address in order to check, BUT the miniblocks do not come there either. I tried using another miner (uranus, astromaner) result 0

Hello !
They have been orphaned , by your node timestamp

I use NetworkTime, time synchronization every 15 minutes, offset -3ms, lag 64ms. Why am I losing miniblocks?

Your Drive Format ??

disk nvme samsung 980 1Tb