Mining DERO. Solo mining viability?


Since I gave time to understand how to just store DERO in my wallet and now using the CLI, I wanted to give the mining a try.

I followed the tutorial and it doesn’t work (I posted a topic for that problem in the same place)

Whatever, I am walking on the forum and see miners in the “mining pool” category talking about XMRig to mine DERO.

So now I absolutely understand nothing. I thought you mined DERO with the DERO CLI not with Monero software ?!

And Im worrying im losing time since these guys know how to make money with mining and pools… So I am losing desperate time trying to mine DERO with… DERO software ?

Also, the DERO documentation tells you that you can solo mine with their software (congratulation you are now mining DERO), but should I solo mine ? Will I ever get a chance to get some DERO ?

I have a good processor (Intel I9) and I would like to profit from it.

Best regards

XMrig is a mining software which is used for multiple coins/algos about and not just xmr. You mine to a local or remote daemon by including --daemon or “daemon”:true and defining your remote node, there are a number of guides about for XMrig specifically.

You can absolutely mine dero with dero-miner binaries included in downloads from the latest source: Release Release66: P2P and Mining Improvements · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

Thanks you for your answer.

But what is the best for rewards ? XMR or Dero mining ?

Solo mining is viable or useless and I need a pool ?

There is no concept of ‘pools’ in DERO-HE. All miners effectively are solo mining against a daemon as their work is unique to the miners. You can use either software. If you want to dedicate all resources on a system to mining, probably going to use xmrig. If you want to still utilize the system while you mine then use dero-miner is probably a good starting point. However you can modify the thread usage etc. with either software, but just up to personal preference as you’ll need to decide on that bit.

Ok thanks you for your answers !

Now I hope someone answer my other topic for mining, because I have tried to setup my node and mine my own node but it give me errors.

Best regards has good guides to start with.
Mining DERO — DERO Documentation documentation

Try --help options in all DERO cmdline software.


I have tried your documentations but I have lot of errors when trying to mine. I created another topic about that and I screenshoted the error.

For simpler mining we have set up a stratum pool and charge only 4% fee. Just take a look at

All you have to do now is to fire up our modified DERO mining software with added stratum support. YOu can get it on Github