Missing dero from wallet

Hi, I have very little technical ability!!
Set up dero wallet last year and moved dero from either Tradeogre or Kucoin. All transfers ok. Went to check my wallet soon afterwards and no sign of dero. Went in this forum for advice but didn’t get time to follow up.
Logged back in a few days ago as a friend said I needed to move to tradeogre, download a new wallet and move back.
No dero. Top height was at zero so reset it and after 6 hours or so it got 7351600 and the laptop froze. Had to force a shutdown and still no dero?? Help please. (Photo attached)

Hey Kenny,
You need to get a ‘Stargate’ wallet.
Swap your existing ‘Atlantis’ tokens to ‘Stargate’ tokens.
Get these ‘Stargate’ tokens into your new ‘Stargate’ wallet.

I’m no computer genius either, and this was a bit of a lengthy pain.
Check mine and other threads on this subject.
I had to create a cli wallet for ‘Stargate’ - I couldn’t get the desktop version to ‘Register’.

But time I think is very much of the essence for you…

All the best,