Missing dero funds

I sent over some dero from my web wallet and still to this day my funds have not showed up in my account and I’m very frustrated and need help ASAP

The coins have been taken out my dero wallet but I still don’t see it posted and it has been over 1 week

How do you mean see it posted, posted where?

If in reference to an exchange, you have to submit a ticket to them to get that resolved.

If in reference to sending to your web wallet or something like that, try rescanning. Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

Allow it to complete resyncing. Upon setting a new topoheight to start scanning from you’ll see the numbers on the left begin to rise. Wait until green and equal to heights at https://explorer.dero.io or https://network.dero.io for examples.

Sorry about that I meant it has not posted yet still to this day