Missing DERO sent from TradeOgre to Dero Wallet

I bought some DERO off of Tadeogre last night & sent it to my DERO web wallet after setting up the passwords. I checked to make sure the address was correct before sending it all over. When I checked this morning my TradeOgre showed a successful transaction with a zero balance. When I checked my DERO wallet it shows no transactions & a zero balance? Feeling like an idiot sending it all before testing it. I also went to the settings in my wallet to sync it with the blockchain which showed as completed in a matter of seconds. Please help!
Thank you… S

Assuming you are using webwallet. Please try syncing again and see help Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation . It should take 1-3 hrs for full syncing.
Also see Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute .

I double checked my Tradeogre address that my DERO was sent to & it’s the same as the receiving address for my DERO online wallet address. Shouldn’t it show up then without me syncing the webwallet? I tried to download this for windows ( pre-compiled DERO binaries for ARM, INTEL, MAC platform and Windows, Mac(Darwin), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux etc. Operating systems from Github) but my anti virus says it contains malware? Thank you so much for your help! I want to locate my DERO so I can buy more. Thank you.

I synced the online Dero wallet starting from 0 & it took a couple of seconds only to show no history or funds. I’m so frustrated. :slight_smile:

I synced my web wallet starting from 0 & it took a couple of seconds

If you set to resync from 0, this would not take a few seconds but rather a few hours. Did you follow these instructions and then give some time? You should see the numbers start from 0 and count upwards. Browser Wallet User Guide — DERO Documentation documentation

You also don’t have to use 0 in the above explanation, you can very well use an approximate block height. You mentioned sent a few nights ago. So instead of 0 you could use say 7440000 , for example, should put you back far enough and take less time to sync. Give that a go.

I have the same problem. I bought DERO fro Trade Ogre and 3 days have passed and the coins are not in my wallet. I thought it was a Trade Ogre problem as I read they had issues with slow withdrawals in the past, but I am now convince that it is not them.
Why? Because I ran xmrig long enough to mine 0.1 DERO and the pool shows as that has been sent to my wallet, yet I find nothing in the wallet. So, I had deposit sent from 2 different sources and do not see them in my wallet. I have tried the web wallet and also the Linux command line wal

Can you please post screenshot of status & balance command of your cmdline wallet(Cover your balances part).

I have resolved my issue by following the thread in Wallet Support - Non arrival of Dero coins to wallet

I think the instructions that come with the CLI wallet from Github need an update to include some examples and little explanation about wait times.
I think my comamnd wallet was not synced with the blockchain yet.
Even with the web wallet, I started the sync from 7100000 and it took a few hours. Letting it go from 0, probably takes a few days.