Non arrival of Dero coins to wallet

Could not find where to make a post under existing Topics (searched everywhere and I know I’m dumb but not that dumb !!!) so only way to get my problem aired was to create a new Topic.
To get right on with the Issue. I require step by step instructions on how to find these Dero Coins that did not arrive.
About three days ago I made a purchase of 14.555 … Dero coins at Tradeogre using BTC. I then withdrew the coins sending them to a Dero Wallet that I had set up. Receive address was copied and used at Tradeorge. Tradeogre exchange was"sucessful" and the withdrawl of Dero Coins to Dero Wallet Address was “Successful”.
Now coins have not appeared in wallet !!! What is the problem ?? Am I to blame for something or a step I didn’t take; am I supposed to hold my tongue betwwen my teeth ?? ete, etc.
Because it was the first time to buy Dero Coins and also using Tradeogre, I only did a small transaction to ‘test the waters’ to make sure the “system and process worked” properly.
Anyway would appreciate your input in finding out what (if any) has gone wrong and if I am the problem because I have done something wrong. Could it have been hacked ??
Thanks in advance,
Regards, Ethoskiwi

In the web wallet, upon opening your account (restoring from seed or other), you will start at the current topoheight. If you do not select “Log Out” when closing the browser window, you will do this every time and “appear” to not have transactions.

Go to Settings --> Set ‘Change Wallet start Topoheight’ to 0 --> Trigger a rescan from ‘Rescan Blockchain from start topoheight’

You can also instead of starting at topoheight 0 (which can take some hours to sync since it’s from 0, but guaranteed to search all through the chain), you can set it at the estimated topoheight of your withdrawal. So 3 days ago, give or take topoheight 7117000 (taken from explorer:

Give that a go.

nelbert442 … You are a “Legend”. Followed your instructions … well nearly to the letter. Checked up when I did transaction and was actually 8 days ago (Feb 25) so took a punt and entered 7100000 in topoheight and Hey Presto … While I was wondering if I was doing the right thing; the Dero Coins magically appeared in Total in Top LHS corner.
Many, many thanks for your straight forward instructions. I actually learnt a lot from the experience. Now this 69 year old has the confidence to add more coins to the wallet.
Really appreciated your help. Thanks.
Cheers, Ethoskiwi

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