Missing DERO transfer

I would like to ask if anyone can help me with a missing transaction sent from Tradeogre to my Stargate wallet.

I have sent 9 separate amounts of DERO from my Atlantis wallet to Tradeogre in small quantities as recommended and they all went through. I have then sent 8 of those amounts successfully through to my Stargate wallet. However, I have had a problem with one transaction. On Tradeogre it says it successfully sent but it hasn’t appeared in my Stargate wallet. I have checked the address and it is correct. I copied the TXID into the DERO blockchain explorer and it doesn’t show anything so the DERO is in limbo. The other 8 TXID’s are there.

I tried to rescan the blockchain on the CLI wallet but I had problems. I then logged into the Stargate web wallet with the same account and the balance there is correct aside from the one missing transaction. I tried rescanning the blockchain on the web wallet and it just jumps straight to fully synced in a couple of seconds and the balance is still the same. Could someone please advise me what to do next? It looks like the DERO has disappeared

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Tradeogre and tell them one TX is missing on explorer.

Ok, thank you very much.