New to DERO mining - how not to get overwhelmed


I’m a big fan of the project and now looking for some more information on mining and smart contracts. I’d like to start with a small device in order to get familiar with mining before switching to more expensive machine(s).

My test device is Samsung Galaxy A52 and it has the following CPU configuration: 2x2.3 GHz Kryo 465, 6x1.8 GHz Kryo 465 (8 cores in total).

  1. I’m running DERO daemon locally (following this tutorial) and I’m running the miner process against the local daemon.

I’ve noticed I can run my miner against a remote daemon by using --daemon-rpc-address param. As far as I understand (correct me if I’m wrong), this remote daemon works nearly the same as the one I’m running locally, but running a full node allows the owner to receive mining rewards for the block that somebody else, who is connected to this node, has mined against the node’s daemon - is that right?

  1. Daemon and Miner outputs are kind of confusing:

Block height is obvious but the rest can be overwhelming - is there an article on how to read the output? (P 31 TXp 2:0 NW 54.04, yellow or read fonts, and so on)

  1. I’ve noticed based on my wallet activity, that after I had registered my wallet I was rewarded with some DERO - at first I thought that maybe I was able to successfully mine something but no such history in DERO explorer. Do users get rewards for registering their wallets?

  2. What happens if I set --mining-threads to let’s say 1000 - will the app use as many cores as there are in a particular device? Is it a good practice to utilize as many threads as there are cores?

Thank you in advance for any tips; Go DERO!


In other mining software the green is usually an accepted share, yellow is stale share, and red is rejected. I am new to DERO so I will be looking into the console output as well.

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If your shares are accepted you will see rewards in your wallet and your hashrate in miner prompt.

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Users are getting rewards for sending swap TX privately without leaking their info.

For full details please see .

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