Not able to open web wallet and not able to recover from seed

Hi support,

I do have the exact issue as the conversation “Cannot access Web Wallet” but there is no resolution in the conversation. I did add a message on that conversation. The web link to that conversation is Cannot access Web wallet.

Q1 Is it possible to look at my question there and let me know if I should try to recover from atlantis web wallet ?

Q2 Does the change from Atlantis to Stargate happened on Feb. 26 2022 as mention on on at the bottom ?

Here an image of the error and web wallet window:

I did attached

you will need to go to to open your atlantis wallet.
you will need to go to to create a stargate wallet.
you will need to do the swap. The swap period was set for 6 months, the swap period lasts for only two more months.
You can use these instructions:

  1. have someone else do the swap for you: How to Swap Atantlis coins to Stargate on TradeOgre — DERO Documentation documentation
  2. do the swap your self:DERO CN to DERO HE Swap Instructions Browser Wallet — DERO Documentation documentation