Offering My services to join the team

Hello, I am offering free time for all marketing demands

-Video commercials
-Video editing
-Social Media monitoring or simply as a mod
-Any work related in my circle of competences

Name is Monk let me know its all free I like the project that is it!


Can you forward your sample work examples to @DEVELOPER


Thank You for the quick Reply below a list of former employers and quick resume 5 language French (R/W) English (R/W) Spanish (R/W) Chinese ® German ®

Master in Marketing @ USF 41yo MArketing Sell and representation Design coding and visual creation

NB I have been mining DERO for a few days and I am aware of this project since the beginning
I am offering my services for free but would greatly take a pool recommendation. I have 500ks and seem to be losing more mining DERO then mining BCN witch is ridiculous

Alright let me know thank you I like the site and the ideology

Hi MonkIP,
Thanks and great to see your interest and supporting words.
@Serena will contact you soon.

Hello @MonkIP

I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire Dero team for your generous submission. We’ve taken the time to review your skill set and assessed our short term requirements. For now we must respectfully decline your offer. The development team is presently heavily involved with the implementation of the Q1 - Q2 roadmap. Around the time Q2 is complete it will be necessary for the team to start looking at building a team with a broad scope of expertise in these areas.

We encourage you to follow our progress and as we get closer to that time, please feel free to submit a formal application to @DEVELOPER.


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