Official pool hashrate and blocks

Why pool finds the blocks almost without gaps, but the pool hashrate is about 2 times smaller than the total network hashrate (2.34 Mh/s vs 5.96 Mh/s) ? If everybody mines on official pool now , who produces another ~3.62 Mh/s without finding any blocks (almost) ? How is it possible, this discrepancy ?

Hi Mik,

The official pool has its lucky streaks and unlucky streaks like any other pool. I’ve reviewed the block history from the last 24 hours and there are a few pools finding blocks besides the official pool.

Regarding the extra hashrate, that hashing power is on a few public and private pools. Most of them stay in contact to let me know what’s happening with their pools and only a couple large pools have reported issues in the last 24 hours.

Please make sure to stay mining on the official pool until the team gives the green light with the next important update.

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Thank you for the reply. There is another small problem with the official pool. In the section “Your Stats & Payment History” there is Connection error. Sometimes it works, but more often it doesn’t.

This Connection error thing happens with me too!

Official pool WEB allows 5 connection/updates per minute. Load balancer will be placed in coming days.

Thanks for the reply !

Here the paymets are freezed at 3/5/2018, 1:39:21 PM . So, all the payments are stopped now ?

There was discrepancy between and all the day. Pool blocks overjumped the .

Could you please confirm that the mining on official pool is OK now ? I can not see my Stats & Payment History on (Connection error).

Sorry for disturbing you.

Hi Mik,

I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’ve just finished investigating the issue and the official pool is still mining properly. The front end is having trouble showing the “your stats and payment history” section, though it is mining correctly.

There have been a couple pools that had trouble processing payments in the last few hours and we’re starting to see the issue resolve itself with a few manual inputs. When support is online again the pending payments will get pushed through.

The block explorer is transitioning today to golang so there may be some tweaking left to do. I’ve noticed myself that it’s behaving a bit strangely but having looked into it, it should be fast and easy to resolve at this point.

You’re not disturbing anyone by the way :slight_smile:

Message us any time!

Edit: I’m going to use part of this response for btc too

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Serena, Thanks a lot for your reply ! You are very kind. :slightly_smiling_face: :sun_with_face:

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awww thanks :slight_smile:

I just like helping people and I get to learn a lot in the process!

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Payments and explorer fixed.
Also backup explorer is at

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Thank you for the update ! There is still connection error in “Your Stats & Payment History”.

Hi Mik

You may have seen this already in the progress update post but I figured since it was positive news it was worth repeating :slight_smile:

*The official pool is already in the process of undergoing a substantial hardware upgrade that will be accompanied by a software upgrade to preempt future requirements.

The official pool is still mining perfectly and will have a front end upgrade to fix the connection errors soon. Now that the network is basically fixed, other things will come much sooner.

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Thanks, Serena ! I just wanted to remind. I am looking forward for the official pool upgrade.

Hi Mik,

As soon as it goes live I will make sure to send you a message on forums!

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